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MKBHD Says Gesture Control is Overrated, How Will BMW Respond?

A twitter user asked him what he thought was the most overrated trend of 2019 that he didn’t want to see continue. Marquess explains his position broadly at first, stating that it’s difficult to see which trends are overrated in the moment. But then he remembers a feature that he doesn’t want to see continue. Surprise surprise, it’s gesture control on the LG G8 and Google Pixel 4.

He complained that gesture control just didn’t work very well or just wasn’t useful enough for him to use often.


While we haven’t used any phones with gesture control, we do know that MKBHD is featuring more and more cars on his channel. We also know that modern BMWs come with Gesture Control as a feature on some higher-spec models. Will Youtube’s No.1 tech influencer’s opinion change how BMW product planners think of gesture control? Perhaps they will continue to feature the technology for a few years as it’s now integrated into BMW Operating System 7.0/iDrive 7.

It’s also possible that his complaint of Gesture Control being redundant only applies to smartphones. On cars, they could be more useful. Though, to be honest, it’s way more accurate and easier to adjust the volume and skip tracks using the steering-mounted buttons than its is to poke and whirl fingers in the air.

And MKBHD is the most subscribed-to tech YouTuber out there, so his opinions will influence millions of consumers. Can BMW afford to move against the trend? That’s now a question they ought to think about.

Watch a demo of BMW Gesture Control below:

We also got to see how cool and unwieldy the system can be in our review of the BMW 6 GT.

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