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Car Thief Wrecks This Beautiful Integra After in Police Pursuit

Oregonian police had their hands full earlier this week when a car thief led them on a high-speed pursuit for hours. The car in question was a 1995 Honda Integra GS-R belonging to Facebook user Ethan DSquad. The owners says the car has US$15,000 worth of modifications and was understandably heartbroken that the pursuit ended with his car being totalled.

What’s worse is that his insurance company only agreed to cover towing and nothing else. He’s trying to see what he can salvage, and according to the latest updates, has already got a replacement Integra shell lined up. He even has a fundraiser to help him recover some money. The goal is around RM21,000 and they’re about RM3600 in to that goal. There are more worthy causes, but feel free to contribute here.

Some reports seem to indicate that the police were pursuing the car for almost 10 hours. If there’s a silver lining to any of this, it’s that the legendary B18C under the hood of that Integra is still as potent and reliable as ever, even 25 years on. The previous generation Integra had variants of the B16. While the B16 is quite a spritely engine it was one of the earlier VTEC motors, and subsequent designs upped power output significantly. What’s more, the gearing on the 2nd generation car was very close and it tends to run out of breath by 150km/h.

BHPetrol RON95 Euro 4M

This 3rd generation Integra is widely considered one of the most desirable. There are actually two major variants of this Integra: most American-specced ones comes with the iconic quad headlights. JDM versions come with a more traditional looking headlights. That being said there were some JDM Integras in earlier years of production with the quad headlight design.

Here are some of the statements we’ve seen from the owner regarding the incident.


As most of you already know reading this, my 95 Integra that i had built and worked on for 4 years was stolen, in a police pursue, and ended up being totaled. My insurance paid for the towing of the car, but nothing else. I just got back whats left of the car this evening, and want to pull the engine out, go through it and hope all is well after all the work that had been done to it, and get another integra shell, so the Dream doesn’t die….I want to push forward through this, and stay positive. The amount of support that everyone has given me so far is INCREDIBLE! The post of the stolen/wrecked/totaled car being shared over 10,000 times is so incredible to me! I’m not going to ask for help, but I am starting this to leave the option open for it… Lets get another Chassis, go through the engine, and bring her back to Life!!!

A friend sent me a link for a white Integra shell pretty local to me, Has a JDM front end, and the interior is black. Auto transmission, engine is high mileage, but, would be a Perfect shell to start my build over again.
Thank you so much for all the support so far!

Alternate statement:

So…. after a several hour pursuit, and the chase being called off 3 times to my knowledge due to high speed risk and danger to the public, spike strips were used… It all ended. This is the end result of my stolen Integra… I had almost 4 years and 15K into this build, and from what I have heard from the Highway patrol, She gave them a good solid run. I will never be able to Drive her like I wanted and intended to… But from the stories I heard, she had a solid run to the death.To the thief that took her, I hope you hurt, and I will be pursuing you with every charge I can get you for.To the Woman in the truck that was hit, I wish for your best recovery, and am very sorry you were involved in this.To all the friends and people that spread the word about the car, and helped get the word out, and track it down, Thank you.To the men in Uniforms that had to put their lives at risk to chase him down, Bless you all.And to the Integra…. Rest in Peace.
I also have made a fundraiser account to keep the dream alive, get a new chassis and swap what I can salvage into it, the rest, we will start from scratch. Thank you to everyone for your kind wishes, comments and support!

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