Cars Toyota Supra fast driving uphill

Published on February 8th, 2020 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Should we be driving fast on public roads today?

Tackling a tight corner is better than tackling top speed?

This is just my opinion after almost 38-years behind the wheel. Today, it is easy to go fast in any car. From a humble 1-liter petrol powered eco friendly car to a 6-cylinder twin-turbo compact luxury sedan.

Toyota Supra fast driving uphill

How Fast?

Topping up at 250km/h is no longer a phenomenon on our many highways. Designed to take high speed driving like the famous German Autobahn, our many tolled highways are restricted to just 110km/h and even as low as 90km/h on certain stretches. 

This governed speed limit is important as it save the lives of the many untrained drivers who watch Youtube drivers taking daring speed runs showing their skills in concentration and vehicle aerodynamic stability runs.

Who Is The Fastest?

The growing number of Malaysian Youtube ‘race drivers’ have missed to show viewers in their videos the high quality tyres that they fit, the precision damping equipment that they have installed and the high quality braking equipment that sit under their fast machines.

When the Malaysian Youtube ‘professional’ driver takes a brand new car on test he or she is having brand new tyres, suspension and brakes that have little left in them after a few ‘Genting’ runs. The car company takes these cars back and it spends a few days in their workshop getting ready for the next ‘professional’ driver to show their impressive skills.

Toyota Supra fast driving uphill

Who Is The Better?

The Malaysian Youtube viewer watches, gets excited and then ignites his 8 to 10-year old compact Malaysian made hatchback with worn suspension, worn tyres and brakes and without a second thought proceeds to mimick the driving style of the fast driving Youtuber.

The Negative Effect

This influence fuels other road users into a ‘race’ and then we have fatalities that do not make sense.

Even if you decide to take your Malaysian made hatchback over the speeds of 110km/h on any tolled highway, you need to make sure that your tyres have ample thread, your tyre pressure must be accurate, your brake pads must be in good condition and let us not ignore our suspension system needing to be firm. Please add in for good measure the ability to drive quick and react quick to any given circumstance on and around the road.

Our tolled highways (German Autobahns) and hill top resort roads (the roads around Monte Carlo) are not race tracks and you should not be driving faster than the depth of your experience as there are innocent bystanders along the way and other commuters getting to their destination.  

BHPetrol RON95 Euro 4M

Which Way Are They Really Going?

Many Malaysian car companies are always staging events showing speed, cornering and slalom excitement with their new cars to the media and customers and then at another event they highlight the importance of safety, keeping to the governed speed limits and safe driving techniques.

So which is it, we buy cars to drive like the Youtuber or do we drive cars and follow the given road rules?

Is the law turning a blind eye to these YouTube drivers?

Toyota Supra fast driving uphill

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