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Published on July 30th, 2020 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


We Take In A Drive-In Movie In Kuala Lumpur Last Night

The drive-in theater or drive-in cinema concept has never been a reality in Malaysia due to our weather conditions. Rain comes and this reduces the visual effect. Then there are the hot and humid months which means leaving our car engines running while watching the movie and this is bad for the environment.

M-Junction Drive-In Cinema_entrance

With Covid-19 continuing its charge in Malaysia as we have witnessed with the recent silliness of hundreds of Malaysians gathering at the Malaysian high court to support a corrupt politician, there is a need to keep a social distance and this is why air-conditioned cinemas remain closed or have little customers as educated Malaysians realize the dangers of Covid-19 and keep a distance and wear a mask at all times.

This is why an event and an entertainment company have joined forces to start a Drive-In Cinema.

M-Junction Drive-In Cinema_car park

We were invited for the opening screening and this is our experience.

First, you need to go online and book your ticket. It costs RM99.00 per car and it is for a maximum of two (2) adults in a car with allowance for (2) kids in the car. So, that’s RM99.00 for a family of 2 adults and 2 kids.

Second, you need to arrive early (at least 30 minutes before screening time) at the car park entrance as they need to do the standard driver and passenger temperature checks. 

M-Junction Drive-In Cinema_entrance

Third, you will be provided with FREE food and drinks for the 2 adults only (this is included in the RM99.00). Food for the kids if you bring them along will have to be purchased at the food trucks and kiosks around the drive-in cinema grounds. Please note that RM99.00 is payment for the 2 adults to watch the movie with provided food and drinks. The organizers are allowing the 2 kids in for FREE as a token of appreciation in their first 3 months of business. 

M-Junction Drive-In Cinema_car park

Fourth, Minimum age requirement to attend this Drive-In Cinema is 7-years. That means younger kids are not allowed. No exceptions.

Fifth, the vehicle arrangement follows the size of your vehicle. Small cars in the front row, mid sized cars in the center row and large pickup trucks and MPV’s right at the back so as to not block anyone’s viewing pleasure.

So, if you want to be a regular Drive-In Cinema goer, buy yourself a Mazda MX-5 roadster or a Porsche Boxster.

M-Junction Drive-In Cinema_view

Sixth, you will be provided with a Bluetooth speaker which you can place on your dashboard and two mobile 3-speed fans to keep you cool during the movie.

Seventh, it is strongly advisable to switch your engine off to keep emissions low and if you insist on running your engine, then best to buy a new MG Electric SUV or a used Renault Zoe EV.

M-Junction Drive-In Cinema_sponsors

Eighth, you can make your ticket bookings at and they also provide information on the movies that will be screened and their screening times. 

M-Junction Drive-In Cinema_preview

Ninth, Yes, there are very clean toilets, easy access to restaurants and a shopping mall nearby if you want to arrive early. However, if you are more than 30 minutes late, you might have to park at the last row. 

M-Junction Drive-In Cinema_lights

Tenth, all food supplied at the Drive-In Cinema is halal and you are NOT allowed to bring your own food (well as long as they don’t find out).  

Finally, where is it located. At the Malaysian Tourism Centre (MaTiC) at No. 109, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, 50450, which is right across from Maya Hotel and next to a famous mamak restaurant. Location shown below. 

So, did we enjoy the experience? Well, to be honest, not really as we are to old to enjoy sitting in our 17-year old compact MPV for two hours. 


Well, if we were sitting in a new car with high quality seats then the situation might have been very different. Also, we believe that this will be great for young families with kids as the kids will truly enjoy this unique experience and for the dating couple, this would be two hours of quality alone time that will be uninterrupted.

Still, for the many people working in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s business and shopping area, we suggest you try this Drive-In Cinema at least once after work, instead of crawling in traffic to get home. It is great opening line to date that person in your office which you have been shy to ask out. 

Make it sound like ‘trying something new’ then see what happens in your car during the movie. 

Try it our before dismissing it completely.

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