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11th Gen Civic Hatch Design Leaked! We Compare it to the 10th Gen

The 11th-generation Honda Civic is set to debut by mid-2021, which is still some way off. But just like with the 10th-generation Honda Civic (and the potential City Hatchback), patent images have leaked way ahead of the official debut. These leaked patent drawings were uploaded from

Judging by the look of these patents and comparing it to spyshots of the new Civic sedan, it’s likely that this is the real deal.

11th gen Civic
10th gen Civic

Compared to the 10th generation Civic, the front of the new car looks a little more matured. Headlights are longer, the grille melds into the bottom half of the headlights rather than the top. The bumper also looks a little more intricate than before. The overall look of the car is less dynamic and more mature and upmarket than before.

Honda appear to be giving the Civic some of the cleaner design elements from the new Fit/Jazz. The front grille seems to be pretty minimal, with body coloured exterior taking much of the car’s fascia. The new low-slung stance is especially noticeable from the front, with the headlights looking a little lower on the body than before.

11th gen Civic
10th gen Civic

Round the back, the Civic loses its ‘crab claw’ look for a more in-vogue unibrow taillight. A similar motif to the new City’s rear taillight signature can be discerned from this angle. There’s still a sharkfin antenna and the overall shape is quite similar from this angle. The rear bumper is also a lot less busy than before. Again, the overall look is just a little more subdued and less dynamic than before. It looks like Honda are going for a more mature audience this time around.

The resemblance to the 10th generation Civic is almost not there at all from this angle. Besides the sharkfin antenna and the body moulding for the number plate, the 11th generation Civic Hatchback looks like a huge departure from this angle. It’s definitely looking less controversial, but whether this will work to Honda’s advantage remains to be seen.

The side profile of the 11th generation Civic shows the biggest design departure of all is in the overall silhouette. It loses its wedge-shaped front end for a lightly-tapered hood. The angle on the tail is also a lot less extreme than before, almost giving the new Civic Hatchback a fastback-like appearance.

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