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Nissan Updates the Elgrand in Japan

The Nissan Elgrand was once looked at as a direct rival to the Toyota Alphard. For whatever reason, the Alphard eventually ‘won’ the grey market race and is now looked at as the default large family MPV.

But if you’re still a big Nissan fan, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Elgrand has just been updated in its home market of Japan.

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Maybe in a year or two you’ll see these updated models coming in through parallel importers.

So here are the model changes to look forward to:

  • Exterior redesign, with jet-black front grille and fog lamp finisher, as well as “Urban Chrome” set
  • 5 body colors including 2 tones such as Nissan’s new colors “Pure White Pearl”, “Midnight Black”, and “Deep Crimson”
  • Large 10-inch display
  • Premium seats with quilted pattern
  • 360​​° safety assist
  • Intelligent Forward Collision Warning (with Predictive Warning that detects two cars ahead.
  • Intelligent BSI (rear side collision prevention support system), steering intervention to prevent driving into cars in your blind spot
  • Blind Spot Warning (rear side)
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • No-entry sign detection
  • Speed Limit sign detection
  • stop sign detection

Here’s the press release translated from Japanese below.


Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President: Makoto Uchida) will make a minor change to the “Elgrand” on the 12th, and will release it nationwide from the same day.

The first-generation Elgrand, launched in May 1997, has created a new market in Japan as a pioneer of “premium minivans” that have both spacious interiors and interiors of luxury sedans.

The current “Elgrand” has excellent steering stability and stable driving performance due to its low and wide proportions and low center of gravity platform, “Misstepping collision prevention assist”, “Intelligent emergency brake”, and “LDW (lane departure warning”). ) ”,“ Intelligent LI (Lane Departure Prevention Support System) ”and other advanced safety technologies have been well received by customers for a long time.

In this minor change, the design has been redesigned and advanced safety technology has been expanded, such as the 360 ​​° safety assist that supports driving from all directions as standard equipment on all vehicles. Furthermore, in addition to special equipment such as a jet-black front grille and fog lamp finisher, we have also newly set the “Urban Chrome” series of special specification cars that boast brilliance and strength that emphasizes their presence.

The details are as follows.

Advanced safety technology
This time, if it detects a vehicle two cars in front of you and determines that it is necessary to avoid the vehicle due to sudden deceleration, an alarm alerts the driver to “intelligent FCW (forward collision) “Predictive warning”, “Intelligent BSI (rear side collision prevention support system)” that assists steering operation to avoid contact with approaching vehicles traveling behind the adjacent lane while driving, BSW (rear side) Advanced safety technologies such as vehicle detection warning) and RCTA (reverse vehicle detection warning) are standard equipment. Furthermore, in addition to the no-entry sign detection function, the maximum vehicle speed sign detection function and the stop sign detection function have been added to the sign detection function. All of the “Elgrand” are “Safety Support Car S (Support Car S )”.

The exterior uses a delicately crafted front grill that has been refined for strength. We have prepared a fearless jet-black “black chrome” that stimulates sensibilities and a luxurious and elegant “satin chrome”. We have a lineup of 5 body colors including 2 tones such as Nissan’s new colors “Pure White Pearl”, “Midnight Black”, and “Deep Crimson”. The interior is designed with a horizontal tone from the instrument panel to the door trim to create a wide sense of spaciousness. A large 10-inch display in piano black is placed in the center to create an advanced and premium interior. In addition, the premium seats that match the advanced cockpit have been changed to a continuous quilting pattern to give an even more luxurious and modern impression.

Indoor space
The driver’s seat ensures an overwhelming view that makes it easy to drive, and the rear seats use a captain seat with a seat back mid-fold function that maintains a relaxed posture. In addition, the rear seats are equipped with armrests with adjustable angles, a foldable seat side table, and a large ottoman to create a comfortable interior space that makes you feel like you are in the living room.

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