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Published on December 31st, 2020 | by Subhash Nair


2020 Was A Year Of Achievements For Toyota In Thailand

2020 might have been a really bad year for business and the human race in general, but that didn’t stop Toyota from moving forward in Thailand. To round the year up, we thought we’d highlight some of their biggest achievements there.

Of course, the beginning of the year was mostly marked by their reaction to the pandemic. In fairness, Toyota Motor Thailand did really well, shutting down production at plants until the situation was brought under control.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid production

By May, with new measures put in place, they restarted 2 shifts operations at their Samrong and Banpho plants. By June, Toyota Motor Thailand was able to globally debut facelift models of the Hilux and Fotuner. Both of these vehicles were co-developed by Thai people themselves. The Hilux is now in Malaysia with the Fortuner coming soon in facelifted form.

Later that month, Toyota Motor Thailand introduced a new insurance scheme for drivers with T-Connect-equipped Toyotas. This new scheme is called Toyota Care Pay How You Drive – and it uses driving data to allow better, safer drivers to pay less for their car insurance

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The Bangkok International Motor Show is traditionally where most car companies operating in Thailand bring out their big guns. This year was a little different. Toyota Motor Thailand brought some relevant new services to their customers. Here’s a summary:

  • Connect Locator is the service that provides real-time stock checking and car delivery tracking, making it possible for our customers to precisely monitor their car delivery status.
  • Connected Auto Loan (CAL) is the new approach of auto loan credit approval that makes it easier for customers to own a Toyota car.
  • Sabuy 😀 Service provides a groundbreaking leasing offer with not only a 20% lower rate of installments compared to normal leasing schemes, but also the car maintenance service package at Toyota Service Centers valued at approximately 23,000 THB, as well as future price guarantee for trade-in. (Only for Hilux Revo, Fortuner, and Corolla Cross)
  • KINTO is the innovative online car rental service for individual customers to go for a long-term Toyota car rental. This serves as another new alternative for customers who want to enjoy worry-free and temporary ownership that does not require a down payment.
  • First-class insurance package “Convini-Insure” provides 3-year coverage and the premium can be combined with the monthly installments.
  • With Guarantee Future Value (GFV), customers do not have to worry about the resale price for hybrid variant.
  • Always located and protect: Offering first-rate services for peace of mind, as well as superior safety and worry-free ownership as follows:
    • Find My Car
    • TheftTrack
    • SOS
    • Geo-fencing
  • Telematics CARE: It makes car maintenance simpler for Toyota car owners, providing a worry-free driving experience.
  • Maintenance Reminder Service including online appointment
  • Vehicle Information
  • Toyota Care PHYD (Pay How You Drive) is the innovative insurance scheme which allows customers to save more with great discounts that are based on the driving data analysis. Good drivers who drive safely will enjoy discounts on renewal premiums. First, customers can enjoy a no claim bonus which offers a 20% discount on renewal premiums. On top of the no claim bonus, PHYD provides 25% additional discount which is calculated based on good driving behavior score.
  • Happiness Mobility: Offering enhanced joy of driving in all journeys through the following services:
  • Concierge Services take care of you throughout the entire journey.

A little later, they introduced the Corolla Cross. This too was a global debut right from Thailand where much of the vehicle’s development took place.

Then in October, Toyota Motor Thailand and Toyota Daihatsu Engineering and Manufacturing joined the Hydrogen Symposium Thailand.

In early November, the TOYOTA Wallet was launched in Thailand. This digital wallet can be paired to credit and debit cards.

In late November, Lexus Group and Toyota Motor Thailand introduced the Lexus UX 300e, the company’s first fully-electric vehicle in Thailand. It delivers 201hp and 360km of range on a single charge.

Finally, in December, Toyota Motor Thailand and Osaka Gas collaborated with Pattaya City to work towards creating a Decarbonised Sustainable City.

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