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Reckless BMW M4 Driver In Singapore Leads To 5 Deaths

Tragedy strikes as a BMW M4 is driven recklessly on the 2nd day of CNY 2021.

Yesterday morning, residents living in Tanjong Pagar were awoken by the sounds of 6-cylinder S54 engine revving. Mr. Johnathan Long, along with 5 others all below the age of 30, had crammed into a BMW M4 Coup√© for a bit of fun before the sunrise. It’s unclear if the driver or any of the occupants were intoxicated. Reports indicate they were at a Korean restaurant before the incident. Whether or not drunk driving was involved, what happened next was extremely horrific.

The car was filmed being driven hard and fast along Tanjong Pagar Road by a passerby. That road has a speed limit of 50km/h, and it looked like the BMW M4 had been travelling at least 3 times that speed limit. The moment it cleared the field of view of the camera, a loud crash was heard. The driver had driven the M4 into a vacant shop lot and within a very short time, the wreckage was engulfed in flames.

Mr. Long’s girlfriend managed to climb out of the wreckage just in time. She tried to save the 5 others in the car, but couldn’t get the doors open in time. She suffered major burns in the process and had to be hospitalised. She had just taken a job as an air stewardess.


The 5 victims of the incident were all successful, bright young men, which makes this whole incident that much more tragic. All 6, including the girlfriend of the driver, either were currently or used to work for Aviva Financial Advisers.

By 5.40 am, the authorities were notified of a fire at 37, Tanjong Pagar Road. One witness reported seeing a man on his knees by the scene begging for help to rescue his friends from the fire. It’s not clear how this person was involved. Was he filming his friends outside the car, was he in a separate car? No clear indication has been given.

All 5 victims were pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics. This was the highest number of fatalities to result from a single traffic incident in the last decade in Singapore.

This is a good time to remind our readers of the dangers of speeding and driving beyond one’s capabilities. Always be aware of you and your car’s limits. Remind yourself of your responsibilities to your loved ones and other road users.

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