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Published on March 8th, 2021 | by Subhash Nair


Kia K8 Interior Looks As Good As Its Exterior

The Kia K8 interior looks about as premium as we could expect it to be.

When Kia announced that the K7 and Cadenza would be replaced by a new model called the K8, they also made it clear that the company would be moving in a more premium direction. It was the first new model to be unveiled since the brand rejuvenated itself. The new exterior look that was revealed showed how committed they were to bring the perception of ‘Kia’ up a notch or two. And now we have a glimpse into the K8’s interior, which is equally interesting.

There’s lots of wood and even more leather, as you’d expect in a premium vehicle. In terms of equipment, it impresses as well. Both the digital instrument cluster and infotainment systems measure 12″ across and are mounted on a curved panel.

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Below this curved panel is a touchpad, which is used to operate the climate controls and infotainment system. This lowers the number of physical switches in the car.

They’ve also integrated a 14-speaker premium sound system from Meridian – the brand most associated with Jaguars.

For more on the Kia K8’s new interior, check out the press release below.


Kia Corporation has today opened the doors of the K8 premium sports sedan, showcasing a first-class interior lounge that blends premium luxury with effortless style and unrivalled comfort.

Further demonstrating the recent rejuvenation of the brand, the K8’s interior shines a light on Kia’s ambitions for the future, with a focus on delivering new standards in automotive quality.

Every element of the K8 interior has been designed with high-end luxury in mind, serving to elevate the senses of the driver and passengers. Beautifully detailed wood materials help create a feeling of calm and natural wellbeing within the K8, while state-of-the-art tech connects the car to the modern world.

A contemporary panoramic curved display links a 12-inch digital cluster and a 12-inch infotainment system, bringing together the K8’s advanced connectivity and infotainment technology. The display is clean, ultra-modern and easy-to-use, giving the K8 an effective minimalist-meets-simplicity tech style.

The K8 is the first-ever Kia vehicle to feature industry-leading audio from Meridian. The 14-speaker premium sound system from the world-renowned British audio pioneer delivers the finest quality in-car surround sound and is another example of Kia’s upward journey in realizing new levels of quality, technology and performance.

Kia K8 Interior vision: first-class luxury meets tomorrow’s tech style

K8 occupants are greeted by an open, comfortable and luxurious space the moment they enter the vehicle. A sleek, contemporary and minimalist style creates a wide cabin effect that is light in both touch and look. 

Diverse in character and content, the materials used on the inside of the K8 have been carefully selected to create a complete high-class and high-tech cocoon. Beautifully intricate and detailed finishing on the wood surfaces – stylistic elements directly inspired by modern yachts – add depth and sophistication to the cabin. The luxurious use of wood is complemented by exposed high-quality metals that creates the feeling of youth and industrial chic, successfully marrying traditional with contemporary. 

The intricate diamond lattice design that expresses the movement of light on the exterior of the K8 flows into the interior of the luxury sports sedan, creating elegantly stitched patterns on Napa leather. Kia’s innovative ‘Star Cloud’ lighting graces the K8 interior, projecting glittering and interactive ambient lighting on the door trim and dashboard areas. 

At the bottom of the swooping curved display sits the infotainment system and air conditioning control, which is operated via touchpad, further reducing the number of physical buttons. The touch pad allows for the switching of operation modes between the two systems with a centrally located button. 

Optimally positioned for the driver and front passenger is an ergonomic center console that features wood-based cupholders and glossy soft-touch switches, the latter sitting on a raised profile alongside the shift-by-wire transmission dial.

The K8 interior also debuts a new steering wheel design from Kia and the company’s contemporary new logo that expresses ‘symmetry’, ‘rhythm’ and ‘rising’ elements, embodying Kia’s confidence and renewed commitment to customers.

Due for market launch later this year, more information on the all-new K8 will be made available in due course.

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