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Perodua Ativa AV Will Cost You Less Than RM800 Monthly

The Ativa AV is a steal at that amount, considering the impressive level of equipment it offers

So, you’ve been eyeing the Perodua Ativa ever since before it was launched. You’ve just finished paying off the loan for your Myvi and with your first child arriving in just a few months, you’re thinking there’s no better time to upgrade to a bigger, more practical vehicle than now.

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Assuming you have a budget of around RM70,000, the top-spec Ativa AV presents itself as a very attractive proposition with a starting price of RM71,200. Sure, that’s a little over the initial budget but as the man of the house, you want to give the best possible for your little family. Plus, RM1,200 won’t make a huge difference in the monthly instalment, especially when it’s stretched to nine years.

Now you’re in the showroom, getting a closer look at the new talk of the town. The two-tone Pearl Delima Red with black roof option really catches your eye, so that’s an additional RM800. Now that you have a flashy colour scheme, why not splurge a little more on a matching GearUp bodykit? That will add another RM2,785 to the overall cost.

Including RM2,031.29 for the insurance, that brings us to a total of RM76,816.29. A down payment of little over 10% (RM7,716.29) means you’re left with RM69,100 to be loaned from the bank. With a fixed interest rate of 2.35% (pretty standard for car loans these days) and a loan period of nine years or 108 months, your monthly instalment works out to RM776.

Of course, there are other costs that you need to consider when purchasing a new car such as petrol, maintenance, insurance and road tax, tolls and many more. Since the Ativa is powered by a turbocharged engine and a CVT, the service maintenance cost will most certainly be greater than other Perodua models. Plus, replacing the 17-inch tyres will cost about double the price of 14-inch tyres on your Myvi. So, all things considered, it will be wise to set aside some money every month.

By now, you’re probably thinking for almost RM800 a month, you’re better off driving home a new Honda City or Toyota Vios. However, keep in mind that none of those Japanese sedans boast the same level of safety as the Ativa. Even the Proton X50 (the Standard variant, which is priced at RM79,200) loses to the Perodua when it comes to safety features.

Depending on how much you make a month, RM776 plus other costs sounds like a good deal for a very well-equipped compact crossover with Japanese underpinnings.

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