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Published on March 20th, 2021 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Proton Link App Issue Fixed By Proton X50 Owner

We share a self-fix done by a Proton X50 owner who had issues with his Proton Link App software.

In recent weeks we have had friends and some relatives who have taken ownership of of the Proton X50 Flagship variant crossover which comes with the latest version of the Geely Key User Interface (GKUI 19), which was first released with the Proton X70 SUV in 2018. GKUI 19 refers to the Geely Smart Ecosystem that control’s the car’s technological features and in-vehicle connectivity.

The E-Series chipset from Geely’s invested subsidiary, ECARX, powers the system and consists of a 64-bit quad-core processing system-on-chip (SoC). This CPU works alongside a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) to output on two 1080p displays. The system also enables 4G LTE connectivity for data transmission within the car’s in-built apps.

Proton Link App_X50_Flagship

The Issue

So, some X50 owners are seeing their Proton Link Apps not functioning and the response from the call center is not always the best. So, a Proton X50 owner who just happens to be a Computer Science expert (Research) has shared his experience and his method of solving the issue on the X50 owners Facebook page and we shared this with others and it seems to have worked. So here is the solution below. 

BHP_Euro5 Diesel_2021

The Solution

Proton X50 owner Mr. Cornelious Toh shared this important info and allowed us to share it with you.

Want to share some troubleshooting with you guys, it could happen to you! 

So this is the story, this morning I was able to use my proton link apps normally, until this afternoon I realized the update time is stuck at today 11.31am.

I tried to call proton care, didn’t help

Tried uninstalling and installing the app, didn’t help

Tried to force restart the head unit, didn’t help

But Joox, maps and etc were working well! 

So I reckon it could be the problem of the T-box/ IP box

And there’s a saying goes by, If something goes wrong, restart it!  

And restarting the car didn’t help. 

So I opened the engine bay, fuse box (pictured below), and I saw something writes IP BOX, and there are 2 of them! 

Proton Link App_X50_Fuse box

So I unplug them, and plug them back.

Proton Link App_X50_Fuse box_flagship

Guess what? It works!  Now my proton link is working as usual! 

Proton Link App_X50_Fuse box_issue

Do You Need This

Well, yes you do as customers get access to infotainment applications including weather information, Joox music streaming and online navigation (via Alibaba’s Auto Navi, using data from Here Maps). You can mirror-link your smartphone to appear on the X50’s touchscreen uses the QDLInk app

The eSIM unit enables you to connect your phone via the Proton Link app, which monitors vehicle status and provides functions like remote engine starting and activating your air-conditioning before you get into your X50 on a hot and humid day.

Proton Link App_X50_Flagship_cockpit

So now you know what you can do yourself if you encounter the same issue!

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