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Published on June 2nd, 2021 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Understanding Toyota Synergised Mobility

A new understanding of the brand that is advanced, cutting edge and innovative.

Cars are extremely complex and consist of tens of thousands of parts and hundreds of interlinked systems. With every passing year, they’re getting more and more complex too. Every brand has its own approach. Some add a fancy new feature in one model and forgo support in the subsequent model year. For other carmakers, like Toyota, technology needs to be more meaningful to their customers. 

That’s why they came up with a philosophy to guide their products. It’s called Toyota Synergised Mobility, and for what it’s worth, we quite like the simplicity and reason for its introduction. Let’s look into it.

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In its most basic terms, Toyota Synergised Mobility is a philosophy to how their cars are experienced. 

Toyota has always been a practical company. In today’s world, technology is rapidly advancing and the company needed a way of thinking about these new technologies that would tie everything together in a unified, cohesive way. For Toyota, “Synergised Mobility” is what happens when one simply experiences technology in one of their products. No silly gimmicks and no party tricks – just practical technologies that work behind the scenes to make the mundane become exciting and the difficult feel effortless.

Three Key Synergies

While Toyota Synergised Mobility works best when you don’t notice it, there are three main building blocks that help deliver Synergised Mobility in Toyota vehicles. 

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Synergy between driving quality and comfort

To bring the latest and greatest in driving technology, Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA) is being used in more and more models. TNGA brings all the sophistication, connectivity, ergonomics and stability of the best premium vehicles on sale today into one platform. TNGA serves as the foundation for all future Toyota models as it’s also fully modular and built for future expansion. With it, customers get to experience a high tech drive without even knowing just how much effort went into its construction. 

Synergy between safety and senses

The most important thing behind the wheel is safety. No one can deny that. And yet, safety is often the hardest aspect to sell. It’s the thing passengers often don’t think about at all and drivers don’t think about enough. And with safety, prevention is the best protection. That’s why Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) is being offered in nearly every model sold in Malaysia. TSS utilises both a millimetre-wave radar and an onboard camera to detect what road conditions are like. With TSS, there’s always a watchful eye on the road to help make roads safer.

Toyota Synergised Mobility_Safety Sense

Synergy between trust and technology

Toyota has also begun to find ways to use technology to increase trust with their 360-T umbrella of equipment and services. 3D panoramic view monitors to help drivers navigate tight spaces with ease, Vehicle Telematics Systems that relay location and battery health information directly to your smartphone, Digital Video Recorders to help you record moments for when you most need them. This is how Toyota builds trust in its brand and products through technology.

In essence, this is what makes up Toyota Synergised Mobility. It’s a philosophy that allows you to focus more on yourself while your car takes care of your journey without you even knowing about it.

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