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Published on August 27th, 2021 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Tyre Technology Is Moving Forward In Malaysia

Innovative Car Tyre Technology Is Making Waves.

Malaysia is a huge consumer of tyres, with the industry valued at around $1.19 billion in 2020 and an expected CAGR of around 5.86 percent. Factors such as increasing passenger vehicle demands and the rising number of vehicle fleets are driving the market and increasing per capita spending is leading to a demand for more technologically advanced tyres.

From eco tyres to air-less varieties, there are many new engineering innovations that are promoting sustainability, efficiency, and safety. Read on to discover the major strides being made by savvy manufacturers.

Goodyear Tyre Technology

Eco-Friendly 3D-Printed Tyres

Malaysian consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable products and services, reports the WWF – a phenomenon that is essentially marking the global vehicle industry and a plethora of additional industries.

Tyres are in themselves a major polluter, owing to factors such as the incorrect disposal of rubber tyres, soil leaching, and the fact that tyres make excellent habitats for pests ranging from mosquitoes to rats.

Sustainable tyres that last are a key way to reduce all these issues. Many tyre brands are currently attempting to replace rubber with non-plastic blends, using compounds such as silica instead.

Tyres are also being made with greater fuel efficiency and longer-lasting power in mind. For instance, tires with stiffer sidewalls produce less heat and increase their lifespan. One technology that is helping tyre manufacturers reduce their carbon footprint is 3D printing, which use biodegradable materials and which are also airless, thus eliminating the risk of tyre breakages and blowouts.

BHP_Euro5 Diesel_2021_Lexus NX

Energy-Generating Tyres

Goodyear’s BHO3 concept tyres generate energy while the vehicle they are attached to is in motion. This is a great boon to the electric car industry, since of the things drivers of EVs most fear is getting stuck in a deserted road without being able to reach the next charging station.

These tyres rely on motion and heat to generate electricity but also produce some energy when completely motionless. They possess an ultra-black texture that absorbs light and heat and their tread is heat-absorbing. Goodyear is currently working on turning the heat absorbed into usable electricity.

Tyres with Artificial Intelligence

Imagine a tyre with incorporated artificial intelligence (AI) and ‘bionic skin’ filled with sensors to detect aspects such as surface changes on the road, or the presence of snow and rain. Goodyear’s Eagle 360 urban tire concept relies on data collected by these sensors to activate built-in ‘actuators’ that change the shape and surface of the tire as needed. The concept tyre promises a future in which drivers don’t have to change their tyres in the snow or worry about slipping on a wet road during the rainy season.

Living Tyres

The concept tyre Oxygen contains living moss growing within its sidewall. The tyre’s special tread and open design enable water to circulate from the road surface, boosting photosynthesis and releasing oxygen into the air.

In addition to helping human beings breathe cleaner air, the tyre is also 3d printed using rubber powder from recycled tyres, resulting in a puncture-free material that extends its lifespan.

The energy obtained from photosynthesis powers electronics such as sensors and a special light strip in the tyre’s sidewall that lets other drivers and pedestrians know when a driver is about to change lanes or break. Finally, this tyre uses a visible light communications system that enables it to connect to the Internet of things (and to share data with other vehicles).

Malaysia is a big consumer of tyres and vehicle owners have expressed a clear demand for longer-lasting, safer, more sustainable solutions. The tyre industry is stepping up to the game with a variety of solutions. These include eco-friendly, energy-generating, intelligent, and living tyres that help to reduce pollution and boost safety.

Text by Jennifer Dawson

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