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Published on October 25th, 2022 | by Sounder Rajen


Lorry Handbrake Fails, Damages Nearby Cars

Is it fair for these car owners to suffer these losses?

So we got some news about a lorry which experienced some handbrake failure and as a result, ended up damaging a few of the nearby cars in the area. While insurance will cover most, if not all, of the cost for repairs, today I want to ask the question, is this fair? Should car owners have to deal with the headache of repairs in these situations?


Now, the original report of the accident we received was mostly written in a Chinese language so the translation may not be fully accurate, but I did translate the piece on Google.

The report read, “William Lee, Yes, his lorry broke and damaged the car park in front of my house. His lorry was parked in front of one of the houses and the owner asked him to move it as he needed to get his car out. When he moved the lorry, the handbrake failed and it ended up crashing into the nearby cars. I heard of this incident from the neighbors and that the brake line was broken.”


So from what I gather, Mr. William Lee is one of the car owners and heard about what happened from other car owners in the area who witnessed the event. Thankfully, no serious or fatal injuries were reported and only economic damages in the form of repairs will trouble these car owners.

However, why should anything like this even have to burden drivers in the first place? While I am glad no one was hurt and that the lorry did eventually get stopped, what of the car owners? What will they do while their cars are being repaired, and no doubt, for a very long period of time too.

Perhaps some may own more than one car but what if they only own one car? On top of that, the resale value of the cars will drop exponentially as they will be listed as “being in an accident,” which is simply untrue. So why should they have to suffer for a problem the lorry driver had faced? I find that extremely unfair.


What do you guys think? Should car owners have to face these kinds of problems or do you agree that this is unfair and needs to change very soon?

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