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Published on October 25th, 2022 | by Sounder Rajen


AVATR 11 SUV Launched In China From USD48,100

The AVATR 11 SUV is finally ready for deliveries

Well just when you thought we had seen them all, another wild Pokemon appears! This time, in the form of, yet another, Chinese EV brand. This one is called AVATR and the brand is releasing an all new premium large high-tech coupe styled SUV called the AVATR 11 and it certainly looks the part both inside and out.


AVATR is an electric vehicle (EV) brand under the AVATR technology brand. This brand is the product of the Changan-Nio joint venture and due to financial troubles on Nio’s part in 2018 and 2019, Nio now only owns 1.13 percent of its own company while Changan owns 39 percent and is the major shareholder.

Moreover, customers may select their desired configurations and reserve their own AVATR 11 SUVs starting from 22 October 2022 and deliveries are slated to begin in December 2022. The SUV is rumored to be available in two variants, a 90kWh battery unit with 555km range and a 116kWh battery unit capable of 680km range.

On top of that, being a high-end large luxury SUV, the AVATR 11 has a wheelbase of 2,975mm with a length of 4,880mm, a 1,970mm width and a height of 1,601mm. This puts the car in direct competition with the Nio ES8 and the XPeng G9 which means heavy competition.

The AVATR 11 and AVATR 011 MMV were officially launched on 8 August 2022 with the latter being designed in collaboration with Matthew M Williams, a designer with luxury fashion brand, Givenchy. The lower electric range model costs RMB349,000 (USD48,100) and the longer range one costs RMB600,000 (USD82,800).

The AVATR 11 model is expected to begin deliveries in December of this year while the MMV model is expected to start deliveries sometime during the first quarter of next year. What’s more, while the car does look absolutely gorgeous on the outside, I believe it is the interior of the car that is the main attraction.

Featuring a much more subtle, triple screen design with the central infotainment screen being a floating design of 15.6 inches while the digital driver display and passenger display are both 10.25 inches each. The car also features a sporty looking oval steering wheel and the interior, overall looks very roomy, simple and high tech.

The AVATR 11 also comes with autonomous driving equipped with three semi-solid state LIDARs along with wave radars, ultrasonic radars and 13 cameras all under the control of Huawei’s computing platform while all seats in the car are Nappa leather which have heated and ventilating functions.

We got all this  from CarNewsChina and their full article is linked here. Thank you CarNewsChina for the information and images.

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