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Published on November 1st, 2022 | by Sounder Rajen


2023 Toyota Innova Teased

Is the Innova switching to a unibody design?

The Toyota Innova has been a staple of people movers in Malaysia and in ASEAN for a long time now and every generation has been raising the bar making it a more global competitor. It is a good car but it is also due for a new generation as the face lifted edition of the current generation Innova was launched in February of 2021.

Teaser image of the 2023 Toyota Innova from Toyota Indonesia

Well, Toyota has heard us and teased the all new 2023 Toyota Innova and it looks like the new design is switching to a unibody FWD design. Now whether or not this will make the whole experience more comfortable and better is yet to be seen, what do you guys think about it? I think this will make the ride more comfortable.

Moreover, Toyota Indonesia, has just released the official teaser image of the all new 2023 Toyota Innova with the caption, “The Crossing-Edge Is Coming,” and features a glimpse of the front end of the car with a sporty blacked out grille with sharper headlights on a car mostly the same shape as before.

Based on that, we can assume that the all new Toyota Innova will take more styling cues from the SUV and crossover models of the brand, like the Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Corolla Cross. That is probably also what inspired the new blacked out grille and the new headlights also appear to be LEDs too.

Toyota Innova To Be Renamed Zenix

On top of that, the new hood also now appears to have creases and a power-bulge design, another choice inspired by the brand’s other models. The front bumper also looks completely redesigned although, we can’t really see much from the picture but there is a slight black protrusion that could be a fake or real air vent.

Additionally, these blacked out regions on the front bumper also may house what may be LED fog lights. Aside from that, there is not much more for us to go off of as the remainder of what we can see are not visible. However, we can infer that the new 2023 Toyota Innova will still have good ground clearance and tall ride height.


One interesting point to note would be that the hood of the new 2023 Toyota Innova appears to be shorter than the current model, but that may just be light and shadow playing visual tricks on my eyes. However, if this is true, then that would suggest the car may switch to a unibody front-wheel drive (FWD) platform.

All this looks great but sadly, Toyota has not given us any official release data and more importantly this was posted by Toyota Indonesia so it may be even longer before we hear anything about the 2023 Toyota Innova here in Malaysia.


What do you think? Will the company ditch the body-on-frame RWD platform for a unibody FWD design? Will this affect potential Innova buyers?

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