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Published on January 28th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


So What’s Next For These Totalled But Brand New Perodua Vehicles?

Will these totalled cars be reborn as “recon” models or just scrapped?

So as we can see in the pictures a lorry transporting a few Perodua vehicles crashed into another lorry also transporting more Perodua vehicles, both of which were presumably on their way to deliver these models to a showroom. So what will happen to these completely totalled cars?


Well firstly, I wonder what would be going through the minds of the car owners who were expecting their cars, and given how popular Perodua vehicles are in Malaysia, the waiting time would have initially already been long, and now will have to wait even longer for their cars.

Now let’s move on to the nitty-gritty. Since some of these vehicles are clearly and undeniably totalled (in simple terms, damaged beyond repair) and let’s be very clear about this, after this accident some of these cars are very visibly totalled so what will happen to them now?


So now, the million dollar (wouldn’t it be funny if that was literally how much the damages cost?) question, will these totalled cars be scrapped and used for parts. Perhaps, they will be repaired and sold as used (or reconditioned) cars? Or maybe they will be taken apart and put back together by a workshop? Who knows?

Well, my personal opinion is that Perodua should take these totalled vehicles and repair them then sell them over to third party dealers as reconditioned cars. However, I believe that Perodua will most likely write these cars off and use them for scrap metal especially since there is still a shortage of raw materials for cars.


Regardless, this is all just speculation and honestly there is an infinite number of alternative things that Perodua could do with the totalled cars. In fact, the brand may even just send these over to a workshop to restore them and just delay the deliveries but that is unlikely considering the quality of recent Perodua vehicles.

Obviously, the brand behind the king of our roads would not do anything half as shady as deliver an previously totalled accident car to paying customers, but the fact remains that this is still a heavy loss to the company and totalled cars will never hold the same value as accident-free cars.

Still, it is sad to imagine what is to become of these unfortunately totalled cars and also the totalled lorry which was behind the other lorry. To recap, I think that Perodua will take the totalled cars and use them for scrap metal to combat the shortages of raw materials as I think it is the “next best thing” option to salvage the brand’s losses.


Well, what do you guys think will happen to these totalled cars? I only hope that the owners who were supposed to receive these cars are not too badly affected by this whole ordeal.

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