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Geely Unveils New “Milky Way” Brand With EV Focus

Chinese automaker Geely has recently unveiled its latest brand, “Milky Way,” which will specialize in middle-to-high-priced electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. This move comes as Geely aims to catch up with other leading EV manufacturers in China and around the world.

Geely is one of the biggest Chinese automakers, and it already owns the popular Volvo and Polestar brands. However, in recent years, it has been criticized for falling behind the trend of manufacturing electric vehicles. To address this issue, Geely has launched several new brands focused on electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, such as Geometry, Livan, Zeekr, and now, Milky Way.

Milky Way is a quirky name for a brand, but it fits with Geely’s fascination with space-related names. The brand will comprise electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, and its first car will be a sporty electric sedan. Geely has already developed a new architecture for the Milky Way brand, so it seems that these vehicles won’t stand on the SEA platform.

geely milky way teaser

One interesting detail about the Milky Way brand is that it will focus on the middle-to-high price segment, which means that it won’t compete with other Geely brands such as Livan, Geometry, and Zeekr. This strategy makes sense because it allows Geely to target a different customer base and differentiate itself from other brands in the market.

Geely’s love for space is well-known, and the launch of the Milky Way brand is another testament to this fascination. Geely already has a “Star” series of vehicles, and it has its own space division. The Milky Way brand is a logical extension of Geely’s interest in space-related themes.

The first vehicle of the Milky Way brand is a sporty electric sedan that looks high-end with a continuous hood line, sharp headlights, rear hinged rear doors, and sloped rear end. Its taillight units have a wavy look with two layers, and between them sits the hazard light element. The interior of the car looks very sporty, with decent side support.

Geely plans to launch the Milky Way brand on February 23, and many people are eagerly anticipating this event. It will be interesting to see how Geely’s latest brand fares in the competitive electric vehicle market. With its focus on the middle-to-high price segment and its unique brand positioning, Milky Way has the potential to succeed and help Geely catch up with other leading EV manufacturers.

Geely’s ‘Expanding Cosmos’ grille hints at the brand’s obsession with space

Geely’s launch of the Milky Way brand is a bold move that shows the company’s commitment to electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. With its quirky name and space-related themes, the brand is sure to attract attention and stand out in the crowded EV market. Whether it will be a success remains to be seen, but Geely’s focus on innovation and differentiation is certainly a step in the right direction.

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