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Published on February 24th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


The DC100 Electric Motorcycle Can Actually Self Balance

Apparently the DC100 is packed with more cool features too

Electrification, the word evokes a bunch of different responses from a bunch of different people but the one thing nobody can deny about it is the fact that it has brought about many cool advancements. One such advancement can be seen in the all-electric motorbike, the DC100, which can self balance and more.


Apparently, there is virtually no limit to how much technology features can be crammed into one electric vehicle and the new DC100 pure electric high performance motorcycle from Da Vinci Dynamics proves this as it just hit the streets with an incredible 400km NEDC range and reportedly can self balance as it follows you.

Moreover, the DC100 electric motorcycle from Da Vinci Dynamics also has a maximum of 135hp and a bonkers 850Nm of torque. To add to the tech features jammed into the bike, Da Vinci Dynamics also claims it uses “a smart control system that seamlessly integrates multiple different motors.”

So what does all this power mean? Well the new DC100 electric motorcycle can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 3 to 4 seconds. The bike is powered by a 17.7kWh battery that can charge in 30 minutes. The rider display is also vibrant and bright and comes with its own fair share of electronic goodies too.

On top of that, the most standout feature of the DC100 electric motorcycle is the inclusion of a “creep” feature which allows the bike to autonomously inch forward when the rider lets go of the brakes which essentially is the early stages of a self-driving motorcycle.


The DC100 electric motorcycle can also detect angle from the ground, which enables hill-start assist and regenerative braking on a mild automated basis for downhill ranges, which can help recharge the battery and according to the Da Vinci Dynamics Website, “Using EPS and six-axis IMU, the DC100 will be able to balance itself.”

While all this is undoubtedly cool, perhaps the most notable feature of the DC100 is the app-enabled remote control feature which will allow riders to signal their bike from anywhere and have it pull up right in front of you, something like what you see in the Transformers movies.

This feature is not technically impossible, but it will surely be the first time we ever see technology like this if it is indeed true for the DC100. What’s more, if the bike does pull off this kind of technology, I can confidently say that the future is here but also be very afraid of the very real but unlikely robot revolution.


So what do you guys think about this? If all vehicles start advancing like the DC100 will they be more like Optimus Prime or the T-800?

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