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7th Generation Isuzu Elf Brings Major Changes Including New Electric N Series Truck

The 7th generation Isuzu Elf N Series introduces the company’s first electric truck.

Isuzu Motors has launched the 7th generation Elf trucks in both N-Series (light-duty) and F-Series (medium-duty) forms. For the first time, the N-Series can be optioned with an electric powertrain. This is Isuzu’s first ever battery electric vehicle in the mass market. Besides that, there are many other major changes coming to the N-Series over the 6th generation model.


The interior and exterior design has been updated. The exterior displays a vibrant and innovative front while still showcasing the sturdiness of commercial vehicles. The interior design aims to provide comfort and a sense of familiarity, while still being tough enough for long-term use. Isuzu used neutral tones and materials to accommodate a diverse range of drivers. To increase durability, black materials were used in areas that are frequently touched.


The truck was designed with drivers in mind. The standard cabin is spacious, with expanded head, front, and side space to reduce driver fatigue. This makes it the most spacious cabin among light-duty delivery cab-over trucks. The door opening is also larger, and the door handle is designed for easy access from both upper and lower sides.

Also updated are all the driver functions to create the optimum driving position, including a reduced diameter steering wheel, optimized seat material, surface sewing, slide rail pitch, and pedal position. The truck also features integrated armrests and seat heaters to improve driver comfort in any situation, such as long-haul highways or winter weather.

The meter panel has a 7-inch display to show safety support functions and vehicle conditions, reducing eye movement and distraction while driving. The steering switch is easy to operate, and the switch layout has been revised for convenience. Finally, Isuzu included additional storage space and other features to make the driver’s work easier on a day-to-day basis.


Isuzu has made changes to the new N-Series trucks to reduce CO2 emissions from internal combustion engines and improve fuel economy performance. They developed a new transmission, called the Isuzu Smooth Intelligent TransMission (ISIM), to work in tandem with the efficient 4JZ1 3.0L diesel engine.

The ISIM is a 9-speed dual-clutch (DCT) transmission that functions as an Automated Manual Transmission (AMT). This means it can be operated by drivers with an AT license and offers improved fuel economy. The ISIM’s 9-speed gearbox keeps RPMs low for fuel efficiency and reduces noise, making fuel-efficient driving easier and less fatiguing.

The dual-clutch structure of the ISIM allows for quick shift changes that reduce torque loss and shift shock during gear shifts. This creates a driving experience that replaces the traditional image of truck driving. Overall, these changes aim to improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions while still providing a comfortable and efficient driving experience.


The Elf trucks also now come with Advanced Safety Systems and Drive Assist features. Stereo cameras have been improved, a short-range millimeter-wave radar and driver status monitor has been added, and the visibility, driver seating position and undercarriage has been improved.

Here are some of the safety assist features that have been added:

1)Pre-collision Braking System (in turning)

2)Full Speed Range Adaptive Cruise Control

3)Lane Keep Assist

4)Driver Status Monitor

5)Emergency Driving Stop System & Driver Emergency Assist System

6)Adaptive Driving Beam

7)Traffic Sign Recognition Assist

8)Intelligent Speed Limiter

9) Front Blind Spot Monitor

The new N Series trucks also come with an automatic electric parking brake and an optional tire pressure and temperature monitoring system.



ISUZU has enhanced its connected technologies to enable its trucks to link with various systems through its information platform for commercial vehicles, GATEX. With the telematics service MIMAMORI and the uptime support service PREISM, ISUZU seeks to offer fleet and vehicle management solutions to its customers. The PREISM program has been developed to support vehicle uptime management of commercial battery electric vehicles (BEVs), and the MIMAMORI program offers energy solutions through remote charging and other linking features. A new device supporting the rear body monitoring system based on the PREISM connectivity technologies will be available for the new N-Series and F-Series trucks by the end of 2023. ISUZU will continue to expand its connectivity solutions and contribute to the growth of customer businesses and sustainable development of society.

As for the electric version of the Elf, here are some key features:

1)Both regular charging and rapid charging are offered, with the ability to supply power to external equipment through a dedicated device.

2)The temperature of high-voltage batteries is constantly monitored. In cold climates, automatic temperature control is applied even when the vehicle is parked.

4)A heat-pump air conditioner is adopted and a seat heater is provided as standard. A dedicated ON-and-OFF switch for the heater is equipped.

5) Chassis with special rear body applications and ELF EV Urban Transporter, a walk-through van model, will be launched in FY2024.

6)ISUZU offers a total solution program called EVision toward carbon neutrality

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