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Published on May 24th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


Police Car Accident Near Gambang Exit Explained

Strap in as this accident actually occurred because of another accident

Okay, so by now, we all would have heard of the Tik Tok video that shows a rather terrible accident involving a police car, a police issue Proton X70 . A closer look will show that this accident actually involves three separate vehicles but apparently two consecutive accidents. Let’s explore.

G30 BMW 5 Series

While the main focus of this Tik Tok Video is the police car, two other vehicles were also shown, including what appears to be a white BMW 5 series (likely a BMW 530e as there appears to be a charging port on the front) as well as what I can only assume is a blue Kia Sorento SUV, it is hard to tell with the video quality though.

Moreover, the Tik Tok video linked here, was posted by a user using the handle @epieazam and it explained everything, which apparently is actually two separate accidents in which the first car was the one that drew attention and the second car ended up causing the second accident shortly after. It is explained by the caption.


Roughly translated, the caption reads “An accident involving 3 vehicles including a police car (the Proton X70) at Lpt near the Gambang exit, a police officer was seriously injured… It is understood that the blue car (the possible Kia Sorento) crashed into the side of the road after hitting a puddle of water. The police arrived shortly after and then the BMW lost control and crashed into the police vehicle involved… Hopefully things run smoothly from here.”

In short, the blue Kia slipped, likely due to low traction from the puddle, then collided into the side railing before crashing, which prompted the police vehicle to show up (likely parked by the side of the road) and then the white BMW came along and lost control (also due to low traction) and caused the second accident.

Kia Sorento

On top of that, note that the Tik Tok video states that a police officer was seriously injured in this accident and it likely could have also been avoided as the video also states that the second accident only happened because the BMW lost control. While it is uncertain why, one can only assume, the driver was driving too fast or recklessly.

Proton X70

Of course, it goes without saying but we here at DSF want to remind all our readers to always drive safely and for now, we pray that no one else was hurt in this accident and the injured police officer makes a full recovery soon.

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