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PRO-NET Appoints Hap Seng Group As First Smart Authorized Dealer

PRO-NET and Hap Seng Smart will bring the smart #1 EV to Malaysia this year.

A few months back, Proton New Energy Technology Sdn. Bhd. (PRO-NET) was formed with the intention of importing all-electric smart cars to the region. Today, PRO-NET celebrates the appointment of its first authorised dealer in Malaysia, Hap Seng Smart Sdn. Bhd.

Hap Seng Smart will play a pivotal role in introducing the smart #1 to Malaysians by the end of 2023. This strategic move aligns with smart Malaysia’s vision to bring EV automotive excellence to the Malaysian market by partnering with premium dealers and establishing smart Brand Centers.

Hap Seng Smart: Pioneer in Luxury Automotive Brands

Hap Seng Smart’s appointment as the first authorized smart dealer reflects PRO-NET’s commitment to penetrating the affluent market and establishing itself as a leading EV automotive brand in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. As part of the renowned Hap Seng Group, which boasts over 50 years of history in automotive retailing and has established itself as a leading automotive dealer in Malaysia, Hap Seng Smart will leverage its parent company’s technical expertise.

Expanding smart’s Brand Visibility

With the inclusion of Hap Seng Smart into the smart EV family, the dealership will enhance smart’s brand visibility and awareness in the central region of Malaysia. The first showroom is scheduled to open in the fourth quarter on Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, followed by another showroom in Balakong, Selangor. This strategic expansion will provide customers with easy access to the premium smart vehicles and contribute to the growth of the EV market in Malaysia.


A Seamless Retail Customer Journey

PRO-NET believes that automotive excellence goes beyond creating the best vehicles; it also encompasses providing a seamless and comprehensive retail customer journey and experience. The new dealership marks PRO-NET’s entry into the premium retail automotive market while also addressing the growing demand for EVs in Malaysia. Zhang Qiang, CEO of PRO-NET, emphasizes the company’s dedication to delivering a premium retail experience that aligns with the latest EV market trends in Malaysia.

hap seng smart appointment

Harald Behrend, Group Chief Operating Officer of Hap Seng Consolidated Berhad and Chief Executive of Hap Seng Automotive Division, expresses his excitement for the partnership with PRO-NET, stating that it aligns with their aim to be at the forefront of the EV industry and support Malaysia’s EV aspiration. This collaboration showcases both companies’ confidence in the universal appeal of the smart brand and their commitment to promoting a low-carbon mobility future in Malaysia.

Mercedes DNA: The Link between Hap Seng Group and smart

Hap Seng Group, a leading Mercedes-Benz dealer in Malaysia, has a longstanding relationship with the Mercedes-Benz brand since 1969. As authorized dealers for Mercedes-Benz trucks, buses, passenger vehicles, and spare parts, Hap Seng Group has embraced a commitment to excellent service and customer-centricity. This dedication extends to the forthcoming arrival of Mercedes-designed EVs in Malaysia, further aligning with smart’s brand philosophy.

PRO-NET’s Leadership in the Premium EV Segment

The partnership with Hap Seng Smart signifies PRO-NET’s entry into the premium retail automotive market in Malaysia. As smart continues to collaborate with outstanding business partners in the industry, the focus remains on introducing premium brand experiences, products, and services. PRO-NET is confident that the Malaysian market will warmly embrace the unique, premium, all-electric urban mobility experience offered by smart. The company has made significant progress since embarking on this journey, and more dealer partnerships will be announced soon.

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