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Published on June 19th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


Celebrity Poses With McLaren Using Fake Number Plate

JPJ is now urging the owner of said McLaren to come forward

Okay, so a while ago, a couple of celebrities, known as Opai and Fatin Afeefa posted a picture of them posing with a luxury McLaren vehicle and the car had a number plate that read “Opai.” This, for some reason, made many netizens suspicious and after some digging, we now know that the number plate is fake. Let’s dive into it.


So it appears that the “Opai” number plate on the celebrity’s McLaren was indeed a fake and now it has caught the attention of SCRUT (from the root word scrutiny) which is a website developed by Ifcon Technology Sdn Bhd, which is meant to educate the public on how to research reconditioned cars to promote transparency.

Moreover, in a Facebook Post, SCRUT stated, “We have won! The SCRUT Analytica data is accurate! Despite today being a Sunday, JPJ has put out an official statement, and the (McLaren) car that Opai and Fatin Afeefa showed off is officially confirmed to be a fake number plate.”


SCRUT continued in its post, “This is a clear offence. It is also fitting that Hafiz Wasa has also deleted the post from his wall. Thank you JPJ for willing to work together with SCRUT to champion the issues of the people to prevent the public from being fooled.”

SCRUT concluded their post with, “So, we would like to thank everyone who worked with us to promote the truth and end cruelty. The public should continue to fight the lies of the “forex bros” (a term used to describe scammers who use forex trading and other methods to swindle money from the unsuspecting).”

On top of that, now JPJ is urging the owner of the McLaren, Opai, to come forward and revert his number plates. After all, just as SCRUT has mentioned, using fake number plates or any number plate not registered to any vehicle is a very clear offence and no one should do it.

Hopefully, Opai does change the number plate back on his McLaren soon otherwise, JPJ could take stern action against him. Well, I hope that if you, our readers, take anything away from this it is that there is a limit to everything and the law should never be broken. It is always better to be more quiet and understated.

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