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Suunto Vertical Now In Malaysia From

The Suunto Vertical is now in Malaysia looking for adventurous hearts.

Embarking on daring adventures and exploring uncharted territories requires a reliable companion that adventurers can trust. Suunto Vertical, with its exceptional durability, offline maps, extended battery life, and market-leading accuracy, emerges as the ultimate tool for those who seek the thrill of scaling towering peaks and conquering challenging valleys. The Suntoo Vertical was just launched in Malaysia in eight different variants – four versions built with stainless steel (RM2,799) and four more models built with titanium with solar charging (RM3,799).

Unleash the Power of Offline Maps

Suunto Vertical revolutionizes navigation with its detailed outdoor offline maps, available free of charge globally. Building upon Suunto’s advanced route navigation in the Suunto app, these maps provide a comprehensive view of the terrain, enabling adventurers to plan their routes effortlessly. With features like heat maps, 3D maps, and road surface type layers, creating and discovering routes becomes a seamless experience. Syncing these routes into the watch ensures that users have access to offline maps anywhere, fostering greater safety and confidence during their expeditions.

Suunto Vertical being worn climbing monsorno

Unrivaled Battery Life

One of the standout features of the Suunto Vertical is its extraordinary battery life, surpassing that of its competitors. The titanium solar variant offers an impressive 85 hours of continuous exercise tracking with the most accurate location tracking, while the stainless steel variant provides 60 hours of uninterrupted performance. For extended journeys, the Tour mode offers a staggering 500 hours of continuous exercise tracking. In daily mode, the Suunto Vertical can accompany users for up to 60 days, and with the titanium solar variant, it can even last up to one year without requiring charging. This unrivaled battery performance ensures that adventurers can rely on the Suunto Vertical throughout their expeditions.

Precision and Connectivity

Equipped with the ability to connect with up to five satellite systems, including GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU, and QZSS, the Suunto Vertical guarantees unparalleled accuracy in location tracking. It can simultaneously connect with up to 32 individual satellites, providing reliable positioning information even in the most challenging environments. Whether you are navigating a dense forest or exploring a remote mountain range, the Suunto Vertical’s precise tracking ensures you stay on the right path.


Sustainability and Durability

Suunto Vertical takes pride in its commitment to sustainability. Made in Finland with 100% renewable energy, this adventure watch exemplifies the brand’s dedication to reducing its environmental impact. Suunto Vertical’s carbon footprint is calculated, verified, and fully compensated with Verified Carbon Units, showcasing its eco-conscious manufacturing process. Furthermore, this robust timepiece is tested to the highest military standards of toughness (MIL-STD-810H), providing the utmost durability even in the harshest conditions. Validated by world-class athletes, the Suunto Vertical combines functional Finnish design with the highest quality materials, including sapphire glass, stainless steel, and selected models featuring grade 5 titanium.

Your All-in-One Fitness and Training Companion

Despite its premium adventure-focused features, the Suunto Vertical also excels as an everyday fitness and training companion. With its large 1.4″ screen, it offers an easy-to-follow display of metrics while on the move. The watch boasts over 95 sport modes to choose from, including trail running, gravel cycling, swimming, and many more. Moreover, users have the flexibility to create custom sport modes in the Suunto app or explore additional sport apps and guides in the Suunto Plus Store. By combining the Suunto Vertical with the Suunto app and partner services like Strava, Training Peaks, and Komoot, users can personalize their training, track progress, and connect with like-minded individuals, fostering a sense of community and inspiring new adventures.

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