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Published on August 29th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


Toyota Launches The New Toyota Corolla GR Sport For An Additional RM5,000

The Toyota Corolla GR Sport is the latest addition to the Toyota GR family

UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd (UMWT), the official distributor of Toyota vehicles in Malaysia, has officially launched the all-new Toyota Corolla GR Sport, making it the third model in the GR-Sport lineup following the Vios GR Sport in December 2020 and the Hilux GR Sport in February 2023.

The new Toyota Corolla GR Sport is aimed at young drivers (even those with a family) who want a sporty sedan for everyday driving. While sharing a similar profile with the Corolla 1.8G and 1.8E, the Corolla GR Sport has exclusive styling features which give it a more aggressive appearance.

Moreover, at the front, the mesh-patterned radiator grille is raised while the lower section is wider black. There is also a front underbody protector installed, visually lowering the stance of the car. Unlike the other variants, the auto-retractable door mirrors of the Toyota Corolla GR Sport have a black finish.

To support its better driving dynamics, the Toyota Corolla GR Sport comes with larger 18-inch alloy wheels with an exclusive design and a Machine/Dark Gray Metallic finish. Larger and wider 225/40R18 tyres are fitted for extra grip and steering feel. A temporary spare wheel is provided in the event of punctures.

For the Toyota Corolla GR Sport, three exterior colours are available, namely, Red Mica Metallic, Platinum White Pearl MC and Attitude Black. being a GR Sport model, the Corolla GR Sport has been given sharper handling. The components where specific tuning has been done are the shock absorbers, rear coil springs and stabilizers.

The front seats have a revised design for improved comfort and the sport seats in the new Toyota Corolla GR Sport also sport red accents all over but in a tasteful and subtle way while the whole car also features a slew of β€œGR” emblems all over including on the floor mats.

Powering the Toyota Corolla GR Sport, is the proven 1.8-litre 2ZR-FE inline 4 engine. The engine offers a good balance of performance and fuel efficiency, producing 103kW of power and 172Nm of torque paired to a 7-speed Sequential Shiftmatic CVT with straight line shift operation gearbox.

Naturally, the Toyota Corolla GR Sport also features a whole host of safety systems since it is still a family sedan, albeit a very sporty one. The Revised 1.8 Corolla starts from RM139,800 going up to RM147,800 (on the road without insurance) and an additional RM5,000 gets you the GR Sport package.

Want to know more about the Toyota Corolla GR Sport as well as other Toyota models in Malaysia? Then visit the Official Toyota Website linkedΒ hereΒ now.

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