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Published on September 29th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


Deciding Between Petrol Power And Battery Power

Considering switching from petrol to an EV? BHPetrol gives you all the info you need

I feel like a broken record writing this but, well electric vehicles (EVs) have suddenly become a vital part of the modern world.


These days, every major automaker has at least one EV in their lineup and some have even announced they will axe their petrol car line up soon. So now, we ask, is it time for you to switch to EV?

This is a big decision, especially since EVs have been in Malaysia for a few years now and the infrastructure is actually decent now for most metropolitan areas in Malaysia so they are not as unreasonable as before.

Some even say it is cheaper to own an EV in Malaysia now, but is this true? BHPetrol helps you decide.

GWM Ora Good Cat Chinese EV

Moreover, BHPetrol believes in innovative and sustainable solutions, so it began to venture into the first EV charging station in Malaysia back in 2017, and ever since then it has introduced 3 stations around the Klang Valley area with EV chargers made available for the EVs as well.

It is no secret that right now, many governments encourage EV adoption in their countries by offering tax exemptions and incentives.

While it is unclear how long this will last, it stands to reason it won’t last forever and eventually al traditional vehicles will be phased out entirely and only EVs will exist.

Chery Omoda 5 Crossover ICE SUV
Chery Omoda 5 Chinese petrol Crossover

Despite all the tax exemptions, EVs are still rather expensive to own overall and a hassle outside of the big cities as EV charging infrastructure in rural areas is pretty much nonexistent or very scarce.

As such, cost is sure to be a huge deciding factor when deciding if one should switch to an EV.

On top of that, although EVs have a lower cost of electricity fuel option compared to traditional cars, they come with a higher initial cost due to the current production and technology costs that are still more expensive than traditional petrol vehicles in the short-term.

BYD Dolphin Chinese EV

In contrast, petrol-powered vehicles which require a relatively low initial cost are highly subject to volatile fuel prices. Considering the impact of the overall budget in the long run, maintenance of petrol cars can also be costly including oil changes, filter replacements, and other services compared to EVs.

So in conclusion, there is no “right answer” for everyone as it varies from person to person, but with the growing awareness around climate and environmental friendliness, EVs have gained a lot of traction despite actually having more impact on the environment compared to most traditional cars.

Toyota Camry traditional sedan

We got all this from the BHPetrol Blog and their full article is linked here. Thank you BHPetrol for the information.

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