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Published on November 6th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


Everything You Need To Know About Spark Plugs From An Engineer

Find out which spark plugs are best for you complete with tips from an engineer

We all know that spark plugs are one of the most essential parts of any car, after all, without them, we would not be able to start our cars reliably whenever we need to.  This is common knowledge but how many of us actually know how to properly take care of them or  even how they really work? Let’s find out now.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are typically made of either platinum or iridium and compared to platinum, iridium is more durable and sturdier, with a melting point of 700 degrees. Iridium plugs feature exceedingly fine electrodes and can retain impressive wear characteristics. As for strength, iridium spark plugs last longer by about 25 percent as well, making them superior in a more general sense.

Moreover. Iridium also maintains the longevity of the spark plug longer so that one does not always have to replace the plugs in one’s car. Iridium spark plugs are also wear-resistant, with an amazing consistency by natural orchestration. They are some of the few best spark plugs you will ever find.

Other conventional spark plugs cannot be compared to iridium because of their extended lifespan, durability, and concentrated spark. The plugs power vehicle engines faster than many other plugs because of the concentrated spark projected by the small electrode at the center.

On top of that, platinum spark plugs are synonymous with copper ones, with a slight difference in the center electrode, which is made of platinum, welded to the tip of the electrode. The platinum enhances the durability of the plug, enabling it to last up to 100,000 miles (160,934km ) so one needn’t worry about changing it too often.

On the other hand, platinum units generate more heat than their counterparts, and as a result, they ensure the reduction of building-up debris. This kind of spark plug is recommended for you if you own a new car with a system of electronic distributor ignition. As with everything, one is always better in some situations than others.

What’s more, Iridium is quite different from platinum in strength, performance, durability, and the degree of melting point. Iridium is arguably eight times stronger and six times harder than platinum. It has a higher melting point of about 700 degrees compared to platinum so in other words, Iridium is your best bet most of the time.

Spark Plugs

Well, there you have it, the main differences between iridium and platinum spark plugs. Which would you choose?

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