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Published on November 8th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


Motor Check Up is The First ‘Blood Test’ For Your Car, Get It Today

Motor Check Up also promotes transparency, revealing a car’s true condition

Thinking of buying a new second hand vehicle but unsure if all the components in it are still good? Introducing Motor Check Up, the very first “blood test” for one’s car. While regular maintenance can keep most components in a  car working for longer, eventually the component will need repairs or replacing. That is where this service comes in.

Motor Check Up was developed with the specific purpose of analysing the condition of the engine, gearbox, brakes and power steering with just 1 drop of fluid from the respective part. This way not only will new owners of a used car (or even some more problematic new cars) will know if anything in their car needs fixing right from the get go.

Motor Check Up

Moreover, Motor Check Up is a patented technology developed by Dr Gert Horstmeyer in Germany in 2015 to allow anyone to get to know the true physical condition and quality of any parts and components in the vehicle without having to physically strip the parts to analyse. It is also said to be about 99 percent accurate.

Motor Check Up can also be used across many industries in addition to the usual petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles in the cars and motorcycles category. It can also be used for commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses and vans as well as in the marine sector with diesel engined ships and Military vehicles as well as in the industrial sector utilising diesel power generators along with construction equipment and even in agriculture for farming equipment.

Motor Check Up

As with all businesses the need for real transparency is critical especially in the automotive industry. Dishonest workshops have been known to cheat customers by not performing repairs or fluid change but still charging the customers for it. With Motor Check up, this can be avoided and nobody loses. 

To find out more, visit the official automotive synergy website linked here today.

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