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Published on January 2nd, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


ONOMOTION Launches e-Bike And Car Hybrid To Revolutionise Urban Mobility

Will the Berlin based startup, ONOMOTION, offer its products in Malaysia too?

We all know that the roads are extremely congested these days and in Malaysia, there are also apparently more registered cars on the road than people (mainly because public transport here is a nightmare and very unreliable) which means that mobility involves a lot more sitting in traffic than driving. Well, this may change soon.


Berlin-based e-mobility company ONOMOTION aims to fundamentally change urban mobility, especially for cities with smart urban logistics that put people first. To achieve this, the startup focuses on urban planning and transporting goods in cities in an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way.

Moreover, their first product, the ONO e-cargo bike, combines the flexibility of a bicycle (or an electric scooter) with the capacity and durability of a delivery truck to provide sustainable and effective transportation of goods, from food to flowers to furniture and it was an instant success.

The newly unveiled e-cargo bike brings ONOMOTION’s vision to the road while introducing an entirely new category of vehicle. The ONO presents itself as a hybrid between an electric bike and a car, enabling faster and more efficient movement while also saving space, making it the ideal solution to urban mobility.


As the company states on its official website, the vehicle can replace sprinters, delivery trucks, and vans in the ‘last mile’ of delivery and pioneer the emission-free transport of goods within cities. Well, we all know that the words “emission-free” don’t carry much weight anymore, but at least the startup is doing something.

On top of that, the unique design of the driver’s cab provides reliable protection from rain and wind all year round. The container module offers a space of 2 cubic metres and can be exchanged flexibly and safely via the integrated ramp. The 1.4 kWh battery can be exchanged within seconds and enables a range of up to 30km.

With significantly more space and weather protection than conventional cargo bikes, the ONO meets the needs of fleet managers and drivers alike. It’s efficient, sustainable and you do not need a driver’s license to ride it. So now, we ask, will we be seeing this car-bike hybrid in Malaysia anytime soon?


It seems unlikely for now, but there is no harm in hoping. So for now, let’s keep our eyes peeled and if we ever see this quirky little piece of vehicular machinery on our roads, then just know that Malaysia is set for a true revolution on the roads.

We got all this from Designboom and their full article is linked here. Thank you Design boom for the information and images.

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