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Published on February 28th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


Polestar P1800 Restomod Is Not Just Good As New, Its Better Than New

The Cyan Racing Polestar P1800 restomod model is also relatively affordable as well

Today, Polestar is synonymous with electric luxury, already quite luxurious in its own right, VOlvo, the parent company to Polestar focuses heavily on going all electric now but while the brand was still churning out petrol cars, Polestar was the sole electric brand but there was a time when the Swedish brand was associated more with fun.

Yes, way back in the day, Polestar had released the P1800 GT and this grand tourer was one of the more elegant and also luxurious but still fun to drive cars on the road. Sadly, as with everything else, time has eaten away at this classic beauty and they became less common sight. Well Cyan Racing is changing that today.

Moreover, once Volvo was purchased by China’s Geely, many of its engineers were given the boot. Now, a few of those now out-of-work engineers started Cyan Racing. The brand decided for their first project, they would go big or go home and as such chose to restomod the Polestar P1800 and it looks as good as new, no, it looks better than new.

Polestar P1800

Well, Cyan Racing went big indeed as it now has a new U.S.-ready Polestar P1800 with a redone chassis and full carbon body. Do note that this restomod is the GT version, tuned with a more compliant adjustable suspension and different engine tuning than their last P1800 track restomod so don’t expect track focused behaviour from the car. 

These new Cyan Racing Polestar P18000 restomod can also all be customised uniquely to each customer’s liking, and while some Singer Porsches are now 1, 2, 3 million dollar projects, Cyan Racing produces this car starting in the USD400K range. Not bad for the price, especially considering the quality and hard work put into the restomod. 

Polestar P1800

The Cyan Racing Polestar P1800 restomod features a Titanium roll cage while its turbo 4-cylinder engine makes 420hp and is hooked up to a Hollinger manual. Öhlins dampers are also present and the car itself is incredibly light, weighing only between 2100 to 2200 pounds. It is truly a fantastic, rare, beautiful machine from the original Volvo guys in Sweden. Pure class.

What do you guys think? Is the Cyan Racing Polestar P1800 restomod the car for you? Would you like to see it exported to Malaysia too? I sure would.

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