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Published on March 4th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


Here Is The Product Timeline For GWM In Malaysia This 2024

After previewing the Ora 07, here is what GWM is planning for 2024

The introduction of the Ora 07 marks the beginning of GWM’s journey in 2024. With the upcoming launches of the Haval H6 and Tank 300, GWM reaffirms its dedication to enriching the Malaysian automotive landscape with vehicles that inspire, perform, and protect. Here is what we know the brand has planned for Malaysia this year.

GWM Malaysia invites automotive enthusiasts to join it in embracing the future of electric mobility, as it unveils the Ora 07 and previews the exciting developments slated for the year ahead. This event not only showcases the brand’s latest innovations but also our unwavering commitment to excellence and the driving experience.

Moreover, GWM, a global smart technology company dedicated to providing smart and green eco-friendly travel experiences to global users, has business operations which include design, research and development, production, sales and service of automobiles and parts and the layout of the entire industrial chain in the fields of clean energy such as hydrogen and solar energy. 

With a primary focus on developing future-oriented technologies such as building smart intelligent network connections, intelligent driving, chips, and applications. The Malaysian subsidiary of GWM officially commenced operations in July 2022, with a continued focus of implementing its ASEAN new energy strategy.

On top of that, as part of GWM’s commitment to being a user-centric brand, the launch of the highly intelligent products has been tailored to meet the needs of users in various scenarios and help with the development of new energy vehicles in Malaysia. Following the ORA Good Cat and the new Pistachio Green colour for it, the brand has been quiet, now it is going full swing.

GWM Malaysia is committed to continuing its excellent service and introducing newer and better products in the country and serving the Malaysian customer base with better products to choose from and the Ora 07, Haval H6 and Tank 300 are only the start. These products also offer a cheaper alternative for certain premium brands.

However, with the rather sad sales of the Ora Good Cat here in Malaysia, will the 07 share the same fate or will it be able to turn it all around and do well for itself? Let’s hope it is the latter as another product doing poorly in Malaysia will not bode well for the GWM brand and it may even end up shutting down entirely.

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