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Published on December 26th, 2013 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Hyundai Getz 2003 model used buy review


I remember my first meeting with the Getz in 2003. It was an early morning test drive at Bukit Tinggi for its Malaysian introduction. My first impression with the car was one of surprise as the car carried a lot of input from the very popular VW Polo. It had a similar dashboard layout and also look. Its dimensions were also similar. The overall profile of the Getz was also very Polo like and all this meant one thing to me. Hyundai engineers had taken this very popular European supermini and evolved all its positive points to create one very successful compact hatchback. Why I say successful? Well since its launch some 10 years ago the Getz has been rebadged as an Inokom product and still commands decent sales numbers with a sort of evergreen look.

Like all rebadged products in the past, when a cheaper version of a product arrives in showrooms sporting local assembly, there will be a reduction in used values for the original product. Today a 2003 Getz sells from RM11,000 for the 1.3-liter version and a little more from RM15,000 for the 1.6-liter version. So why are we suggesting its used purchase this week? Let’s start with the product itself.  The Getz comes with a roomy ‘one-box’ cabin and a high roof, which makes Hyundai’s slightly larger and taller Matrix look too expensive and rather overpriced. The Getz was sold with no expensive state-of-the-art technology and instead offered a quality, efficient no-nonsense A-to-B motoring at an affordable price. With a good driving position and a well laid-out cabin that will keep 4 adults very happy and a possible 5th in a squeeze, the Getz will transport all of them on the highway as well as in the city with little issues, even with a small 1.3-liter engine. Of course the 1.6 will offer more spirited performance. Of course its compact size reduces luggage room to just two medium suitcases and some duffel bags, which would be adequate for a small family of a single adults. If bigger cargo needs to be carried then the rear seats fold 60-40 easily. Personally I think the Getz makes for good value for old age pensioners looking for a car that is easy to park, drive and also run. With good all round visibility and a tight turning circle, women of all ages will appreciate it also.


Now you know what it costs used today and also it positive and negative features. So what do you need to look out for in the used car lot? Well like all other 10-year-old use cars today in this price category and segment, it is important to examine the interior trim carefully. Cars in this price range suffer from rubber and plastic fatigue. What this means is that the rubber and plastic bits tend not to last long if not carefully maintained. Cars that have spent their life under the sun will show its age more than those parked in the shade. Look also closely at the seat trim. The Getz came new with good quality fabric on the seats and roof and so even 10 years it should still look reasonable. If you see tears or crack then avoid. Also paint finish with these cars was good so better to try and find a unit with its original paint. A re-spray could mean accident damage. A used unit with a few dings and scratches on the body is quite common and should not be ignored. There are some Getz owners who would have modified and enhanced their cars with sport kits and alloy wheels. Better to avoid unless this is what you are looking for. Enhanced cars usually mean cars that have been driven a little hard by their owners.

Hyundai engines have come along way in quality as well as reliability so there should be little to worry about in terms of maintenance. Better to find a unit that comes with full service record and also mileage not more than 180,000 kilometers run in. On your test drive the used Getz should start with little noise and the gearshifts should be jerk free. Steering should be light and there should be no mechanical noises when you take u-turns or sharp corners. Worn suspensions will be common as well as brakes. All electric should be working and make sure there is not water vapour in the front and rear lamps. A well looked after 10-year-old Getz should offer another 3 years of trouble free motoring if maintained well.

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