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Apple Hires Fiat-Chrysler Quality Control Pro

It looks like the rumours about the Apple car are turning out to actually be true (truemours, anyone?). Reports from credible sources, such as the Wall Street Journal *clears throat* state that the tech giant have been hiring veterans from the car industry. One such industry expert, Doug Betts who WAS Senior VP of Global Quality at the Fiat Chrysler Auto group now works for the boys in Cupertino.

Doig Betts
FCA aren’t particularly known for high-quality cars, but it does take very specialised knowledge of quality control to figure out how to deliver Maseratis and Ferraris to customers around the globe who would expect their costly cars to be as well put together as they are engineered. So maybe Apple’s hiring of Mr Betts was a safe bet, especially when you consider their strategy has always been to offer a high-quality premium product on a fairly large scale.

Goodyear eagle 650x85(DSF)
Having said that, Doug Betts does also have experience elsewhere, working with Nissan and Toyota, so Apple could also leverage his knowledge to produce an iCar Nano for the masses. Apple have also been buying people straight off of Tesla and other car makers, which makes it only a matter of time before we see a second Californian electric car producer.
So if it does come true, will electric cars finally take off in a big way, the same way smartphones and tablets thanks to Apple products? Or will they produce another Apple TV?

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