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The First 5 Things You Should Know About the Volkswagen Passat B8

There will be 2 engine options, a 1.8 TSI and a 2.0 TSI. Both are modern powerplants that use BlueMotion Technology to maximise efficiency. The 1.8 is a significant improvement over the previous engine, with 20 more horsepower and a lot more eagerness at speeds between 80-100km/h.


The 2-litre, on the other hand, is an absolute powerhouse. Volkswagen equiped this version of the car with their XDS electronic differential lock. This system utilises the Stability Program to maximise road holding in corners by slightly braking the inside wheel. As a result, the 2-litre can be pushed to astonishing speeds around bends without dreadful understeer breaking your flow.


The New Naming Scheme Will be Used. Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia might not follow through with this on future models, but for now, the Jetta and Passat will distinguish between engine types using the relative torque output of the engine.


So the 1.8 litre, which produces 250Nm of torque will be called the Passat 280TSI and the 2-litre, which puts out 350Nm of torque, gets the Passat 380TSI badge. Sidenote: the Jetta 280TSI uses a different engine altogether, the name refers to the similar torque figure, not a particular engine.


It’s more of a compact executive than a family car. The last Passat was a competitive product in terms of how it drove but lacked the right features to go up against the rest of the pack. This new one however, is pure prestige. Dynamic Chassis Control gives you the ability to go from Eco, to Comfort to Sports mode, changing the way the suspension, throttle and transmission react. This is something you don’t find on any of its D-segment rivals.


The use of materials and overall design is excellent, making the car feel like a very premium package.


It’s a lot more automated. The new Passat comes with the 3rd generation of Volkswagen’s self-parking technology. This means it can parallel park and perpendicular park (either front-in or rear-in). The boot also sees a number of new exciting new features.


For one, it’s powered, so just touch the button once and it closes itself. But what if you’re trying to get it open with groceries in your hands? Simply make a kicking motion underneath the centre of the rear bumper and it’ll swing open. These are all features most other brands have omitted from their offerings.


The interior is more Audi than Volkswagen. The new Passat has a very Audi-like ‘Horizontal Ventilation Strip’ as well as a gorgeous Active Info Display. It’s only available on the 380TSI Highline variant, but it’s definitely worth the upgrade.


This fully digital display can be modified to show the kind of information you want. The tachometer, for instance, can be switched for an ECO dial, that shows you when you’re going too hard on the accelerator.


On the 280TSI models, the inlays are metallic with a fine diamond pattern on its finish. The 380TSI gets more premium-looking glossy wood trim. The 280TSI also gets a slightly smaller touchscreen display – the biggest feature missing here is onboard Navigation, which most Malaysians can live without. The 380TSI is fully-featured, even coming equipped with a lap timer.


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