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Alfa Romeo Stelvio introduced

The first Alfa Romeo SUV is born, delivering a thrilling driving experience, outstanding performance and sporty style. For the first time in more than a century of history, these distinctive features of the genuine “Alfa spirit” have now come together in a sport utility vehicle. Its name is the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and it aims to rewrite the rules in the medium-sized premium SUV segment.

Exciting handling

Alfa Romeo cars have always incorporated the combination of lightness and efficiency essential for agility and good handling on any type of road and in all weather conditions. The new Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV is no exception, delivering impeccable handling, worthy of a real sports car, proven by balanced weight distribution, a direct steering ratio and state-of-the-art suspension, as well as the lavish use of ultra-lightweight, hi-tech materials including the carbon fibre drive shaft and the introduction of a new generation of aluminium engines.

What’s more, thanks to the sophisticated Q4 all-wheel drive, Alfa Romeo Stelvio customers can rely on excellent road-holding even on low-grip terrains. On request, the SUV can also be equipped with the mechanical self-locking rear differential. Taking the wheel of Alfa Romeo Stelvio is the prelude to a thrilling driving experience that makes travelling irresistible, regardless of destination.

Perfect weight distribution

One of the primary objectives of the design of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV was to achieve maximum driving pleasure. One of the factors that contributed to this achievement was definitely the perfect weight distribution between the two axles – a distinctive feature of the Alfa Romeo construction tradition – which required special management of the weights and materials involved, achieved both by adjusting the car’s layout and by placing the heaviest units in the most central position possible.

Outstanding performance

Design, engineer and technology are all central to the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV Stelvio, but, as tradition demands, its identity as a true Alfa Romeo derives from the beating hearts under the bonnet: 280 HP 2.0 Turbocharged petrol and 2.2 Diesel of 210 HP. They are combined with an automatic 8-speed transmission and Q4 all-wheel drive.

They belong to a new generation of all-aluminium four-cylinder engines that represent the very best of the Group’s engine design technology. Both Stelvio engines are built in Italy at the Termoli (petrol) and Pratola Serra (Diesel) plants, in areas assigned only to Alfa Romeo engines, with state-of-the-art processes and methods that put them at the top of their class in terms of performance and fuel economy.

The range will be completed with new engines including the 200 HP 2.0 Turbocharged petrol-fuelled and the 180 HP 2.2 Diesel, both with an automatic 8-speed transmission and Q4 all-wheel drive. The 180 HP 2.2 Diesel will also be available with real wheel drive.

2.0 Turbocharged petrol 

The new HP 2.0 Turbocharged petrol engine (280 HP at launch, 200 HP in the near future) is a 4-cylinder unit built entirely in aluminium with carbon drive shaft, combined with the automatic 8-speed transmission and Q4 all-wheel drive. In addition to MultiAir electro-hydraulic valve actuation, the distinctive features of this engine include “2-in-1” turbo and 200-bar high-pressure direct injection, which pair up to deliver particularly snappy accelerator response across the rev range in addition to first-class fuel-efficiency.

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.0 280 HP turbocharged Petrol engine (peak torque of 400Nm at 2,250 rpm) is best in class in terms of acceleration, powering from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.7 seconds. The top speed is 230 km/h.

2.2 Diesel

The second engine is the 2.2 Diesel – available in two power versions: 210 HP at launch and 180 HP in the near future – and is the first Diesel engine in Alfa Romeo’s history to be constructed entirely in aluminium. With four cylinders in-line, it features the latest-generation MultiJet II injection system with Injection Rate Shaping (IRS) and operating pressures of 2,000 bar. The electrically-operated variable geometry turbocharger offers state-of-the-art mechanics, minimises response times and at the same time guarantees benefits in terms of efficiency. The sophisticated driving satisfaction and comfort levels are also guaranteed by the use of a balancing countershaft. And, in a market “first”, the 210 HP 2.2 Diesel is equipped with a turbocharger speed sensor. The performances are thrilling: the Alfa Romeo Stelvio 210 HP 2.2 Diesel reaches a top speed of 215 km/h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.6 seconds.


Automatic 8-speed transmission

Both Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV engines are teamed with the automatic 8-speed transmission specifically calibrated for fast, smooth gear shifts. The transmission has a lock-up clutch to give the driver a powerful feeling of in-gear acceleration once the gear is engaged. Depending on the mode chosen with the Alfa DNA selector, the automatic transmission optimises fluidity, comfort and ease of driving in all environments, including around town, and further improves fuel economy and CO2 emissions. Steering-column-mounted, aluminium paddle shifters are available.

Suspension system with exclusive AlfalinkTM

A new double wishbone suspension with a semi-virtual steering axis, optimising the filtering effect and guaranteeing rapid, accurate steering, was developed for the front suspension. This exclusive Alfa Romeo set-up allows Stelvio to tackle high lateral acceleration thanks to its always-perfect footprint. The rear suspension uses a four-and-a-half link system – patented by Alfa Romeo – to deliver extremely precise control of the wheel’s characteristic angles, for handling at the top of the car’s class.

Most direct steering ratio in the segment

Regardless of speed and conditions, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV always delivers a natural, instinctive drive, thanks also to the most direct steering ratio in its segment (12.0).

Alfa Romeo Q4 all-wheel drive

A mountain hairpin, a stony unpaved trail, a snow-covered straight or a bend in the driving rain: all extreme situations and ideal places for putting the new Alfa Romeo’s agility and power to the test. Thanks above all to the Q4 system, that gives all the benefits of all-wheel drive combined with the driving pleasure of a rear-wheel drive. In detail, its architecture includes an active transfer case and front differential designed to meet the specific technical requirements of Alfa Romeo, entailing the rapid-response management of high torque levels, with a compact, lightweight set-up. The Q4 system continuously monitors numerous parameters to optimise torque distribution between the two axles according to what the car is doing and how much grip the road surface offers. In normal grip conditions, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio with Q4 system acts like a rear-drive vehicle, with 100% of the torque sent to the rear axle. As the wheels approach their grip limit, the system transfers up to 50% of the torque to the front axle. This translates into top-in-class control in terms of traction and directional stability on corners.

Mechanical self-locking rear differential

The optional mechanical self-locking rear differential transfers more torque to the wheel with most grip, to optimise traction in any driving conditions.

100% Alfa Romeo sporty design

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio is a perfect blend of heritage, speed and beauty; and its magical alchemy forms an integral part of the brand’s history, dating back over a century. Achieving this mix, now as in the past, involves combining the three ingredients of Alfa Romeo design: proportion, simplicity and top-quality surfacing. These same ingredients gave us the Giulia – the new Alfa Romeo benchmark and precursor of the brand’s future – and have been comprehensively reworked to adapt them to the altogether different volume of a Sports Utility Vehicle.

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