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Published on August 8th, 2017 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Honda Type-R Explained In Detail

Did you know? The Type-R name was first used by Honda for its motorcycle division. For high performance bikes the “R” letter was added to the name (for example, the sportier version of the CB was called CB-R). The first Type-R Honda vehicle was the NSX-R. This was a lightened NSX, with a better power to weight ratio in order to compete with Porsche and Ferrari.

Honda’s philosophy on performance cars is different to any other manufacturer. Built around the Type-R concept, Honda sports-cars don’t get to be the most the most powerful in the world. Instead of that, they are engineered to create one of the best driving experience by use of a responsive steering, intuitive handling and power delivery.



Honda’s Type-R philosophy is focused around offering a driving experience similar to that given by racing cars and making the driver part of the machine by giving him high levels of feedback from the vehicle such as sound, steering response and handling. Type-R cars are not just known for being fast, they also offer great performance in gear changing, braking, steering and handling.

Another goal of Honda’s Type-R is offering an authentic driving experience, not affected by driving assisting systems or other such as sound proofing that can diminish the driving involvement. For the very same reason a Type-R Honda is not generally equipped with navigation or leather interior, but it is meant to look and feel more like a race car.

Another key element of the Type-R racing spirit is the use of stiffer chassis that improves handling, balance and adjustability and so offering a more involving drive.

The new Honda Civic Type-R will be an exponent of all of these principles and blend them with the highly appreciated design of the new Civic to deliver a drive experience that will rival BMW M tuned cars, Audi derived RS cars and Mercedes AMG factory tuned cars.

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