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United Kingdom’s Lewis Cornish on a Winning Streak!

It was an excellent day for a perfect race. The warm weather maintained at 28 degrees Celcius kick-start the morning with an optimum condition off-road section for the morning Warm Up session. Thousands of Indonesian crowd packed up the venue at Solo Baru as early as 8:00AM for another round of spectacular SuperMoto race.

United Kingdom’s Lewis Cornish, Thailand’s Trakarn Thangthong and the Malaysian duo, Khairi Zakaria and Muhd Habibullah was seen to be in their perfect condition for the Moto 1 and Moto 2 race.

International Class Podium

  1. Lewis Cornish – United Kingdom
  2. Khairi Zakaria – Malaysia
  3. Trakarn Thanthong – Thailand
  4. Muhd Habibullah – Malaysia
  5. Takashi Sasaki – Japan

Asian Class Podium

  1. Khairi Zakaria – Malaysia
  2. Trakarn Thangthong – Thailand
  3. Muhd Habibullah – Malaysia
  4. Takashi Sasaki – Japan
  5. Doni Tata Pradita – Indonesia

Warm Up Result:

PosNo.NationalNameLapsBest TimeTotal Time
18GBRLEWIS CORNISH1852.24928:54.106
232MASKHAIRI ZAKARIA1051.61511:24.574
35THATRAKARN THANGTHONG1751.67918:32.817
41MASMUHD HABIBULLAH751.8766:43.635
5101JPNTAKASHI SASAKI751.9617:55.722
63INADONI TATA PRADITA1253.25411:53.377
733INAIVAN HARRY NUGRAHA1253.49312:23.678
8162INAFARHAN HENDRO753.65510:26.956
9300JPNNAOTO TAKAYAMA1254.27012:11.982
1012PHIKENNETH SAN ANDRES854.2828:29.181
1177SGPHASROY OSMAN854.4448:12.702
127INAPEDRO WUNER554.6989:16.641
13127INAFARUDILA ADAM555.04809:30.878
1497RUSARTEM TESLENKO1255.66815:25.660
154SRIDESHAN SOLANKI957.04011:48.451
16720TPELIN CHIN PEI657.2316:39.813
1755LATEDGARS IVUSHKANS1257.37413:00.144
1866INAMOMO HARMONO357.6085:31.135
1940TPELEE WEI657.6617:00.587
209INDRUGVED BARGUJE1157.94912:26.831
21102HKGTSANG WAI KEI81:05.05210:39.467

Moto 1 Result:

PosNo.NationalNameLapsBest TimeTotal Time
18GBRLEWIS CORNISH2650.85422:34.210
232MASKHAIRI ZAKARIA2651.28022:56.705
35THATRAKARN THANGTHONG2651.42223:05.095
41MASMUHD HABIBULLAH2651.82723:14.250
5101JPNTAKASHI SASAKI2651.84023:20.865
6127INAFARUDILA ADAM2652.77223:31.843
7300JPNNAOTO TAKAYAMA2552.98722:36.325
897RUSARTEM TESLENKO2555.11622:40.865
93INADONI TATA PRADITA2553.14422:44.640
10162INAFARHAN HENDRO2552.91523:01.248
119INDRUGVED BARGUJE2456.89223:24.225
1255LATEDGARS IVUSHKANS2356.61122:34.161
1377SGPHASROY OSMAN2354.68522:50.093
1427CHNSUN TONG2357.07523:11.599
1512PHIKENNETH SAN ANDRES2354.307423:19.436
16720TPELIN CHIN PEI2257.29622:41.903
17102HKGTSANG WAI KEI191:00.65523:01.275
DNF66INAMOMO HARMONO757.3658:20.902
DNF7INAPEDRO WUNER255.7852:21.145

Moto 2 Result:

PosNo.NationalNameLapsBest TimeTotal Time
18GBRLEWIS CORNISH2551.22621:51.356
232MASKHAIRI ZAKARIA2551.85821:54.670
35THATRAKARN THANGTHONG2551.68722:09.578
41MASMUHD HABIBULLAH2552.38922:22.381
5101JPNTAKASHI SASAKI2552.14522:28.087
63INADONI TATA PRADITA2553.24822:40.148
7300JPNNAOTO TAKAYAMA2453.78821:55.981
812PHIKENNETH SAN ANDRES2453.90622:10.559
9127INAFARUDILA ADAM2453.33422:13.203
1097RUSARTEM TESLENKO2454.58122:32.125
117INAPEDRO WUNER2355.69122:14.276
1255LATEDGARS IVUSHKANS2356.40722:19.464
1327CHNSUN TONG2356.17722:27.149
14720TPELIN CHIN PEI2256.31722:05.774
1540TPELEE WEI2257.33122:45.194
DNF77SGPHASROY OSMAN1954.26817:24.971
DNF4SRIDESHAN SOLANKI1956.89720:28.925
DNF9INDRUGVED BARGUJE1457.13913:55.201
DNF66INAMOMO HARMONO658.3846:54.577
DNF102HKGTSANG WAI KEI358.8073:06.493

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