Automotive Lexus LM MPV Alphard silhouette

Published on April 10th, 2019 | by Subhash Nair


Lexus Teases their Alphard-Based MPV Again

Nearly 2 weeks ago, we got word that Lexus was going to debut an MPV of their own, the LM.

Back then we showed you a fan-made render. This one, specifically:

Well, in addition to that, we now have this official teaser photo of the car’s silhouette.

Lexus LM MPV Alphard silhouette

And this teaser lines up perfectly with the previous one of the front grille:

Lexus LM MPV Alphard

Background on the story

All this began with a report from Lexus Enthusiast that said the Japanese luxury brand might be launching its own minivan.

Then we found out that Lexus China has a new model ready for the Shanghai Motor Show. And that’s happening on the 16th of April.

Lexus LM MPV Alphard

The translation of this post hints at a new van model, which MIGHT be marketed as the Lexus LM. This has been confirmed, with the trademarks for the “LEXUS LM 350” and “LEXUS LM300H” names going public. These fall right in line with Lexus’ nomenclature too.

Japanese newspaper Chubu Keizai also reports that the Lexus luxury van will put together in the Toyota Auto Body plant. This factory is in Aichi, Japan, where other Alphard and Vellfire models are made.

Right now, Toyota has almost the entire market to itself. While many older units serve as effective family vehicles, businesses tend to use newer models as status symbols. This is where a ‘Lexus’ badged minivan might fit in.

Why use and MPV over a luxury sedan?

  • If you have a large business entourage, an MPV is more suited as a transport
  • An MPV gives you the equivalent of a small room to yourself
  • You don’t have Toyota levels of reliability in MOST modern luxury sedans. An Alphard from 10 years ago still runs with minimal maintenance

Now add Lexus build quality, material selection and technology and the formula is complete.

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