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Published on May 28th, 2019 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Honda Civic with 260hp, the real ‘Mayat’

This is not your average run of the mill third-generation Honda Civic hatchback. Famously known as the Civic ‘mayat’ it was the hottest little car to own back in the mid 1980’s when it was first brought in by private importers and its fame lasted right up to the mid 1990’s when its rivals could not match its power to weight ratio and its ‘screaming’ Si V-Tec engine.

This is how the Honda Civic Si looked like when it left the factory

Now, we stumble on this article about a wildly tuned Civic ‘mayat’ by Andy Barcheck, who built it himself, completely handmade and inspired by the impressive Renault 5 GT Turbo (see picture below) with its central engine, a legendary rally car.

Renault 5GT Turbo

The secret of this widened Honda Civic is a V6 engine in a central rear position, propelling the rear axle. It could well have been the car that Honda had designed for Group B.

Andy Barcheck built it in his spare time,decades ago. The transformation was an intense learning process for Barcheck,who had to design and manufacture a completely new sub-frame and modify the carextensively. The fuel tank was moved to the front of the car, and both theradiator and the braking system come from a Chevrolet Corvette. Tubularelements were installed in the chassis to provide additional stiffness. Insteadof a four-cylinder engine, this Civic enjoyed a 2.5 V6 engine, from an Acura (Honda)Legend.

At the time, a widened body kit for the carwas designed, perfectly integrated in its silhouette and classic proportions.

An engine of just 150 HP of power, whichmoved the car more than adequately. It moved its rear wheels, through a precisemanual gearbox. The current owner, Eric Schmidt, decided to visit the originalcreator of the car and surprise him. When he bought the car – baptized as“Hondura” by its creator, a pun between Honda and Acura – its enginewas very “tired”, and needed a rebuild. Instead, he decided to installthe 3.2 V6 engine of a modern Acura CL Type-S, a VTEC engine capable of developingmore than correct 260hp.

Wide arches make all the difference

Barcheck built the car with the aim ofsupporting a power over 250hp, and the new V6 seems to fit like a glove. Aftergiving his “blessing” to the current owner, he tells us a curiousstory: he used to say that the car was one of the two prototypes of Group Bmanufactured by Honda, and that the other unit was in a warehouse in Tokyo.History that many believed, having fun Andy Driving it must be really fun.

Picture and story credit Sergio Álvarez.

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