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Get yourself a REAL test drive with Renault CAPTUR

I have often wondered how people can make a decision to buy a car after only 10-15 minutes with it. It seems like a short time to gauge how it drives on my daily route and whether it fits my precious cargo.

I’ve always felt it better to test drive a car at my own pace with longer hours to get to know the car before making any decision. Also, I have met a lot of people who are too busy to go to the showroom for a test drive or do not like to have the salespeople in the car while they drive it around. Is this something you can relate to?

Well, the good news is that Renault Malaysia (TC Euro Cars) has recently introduced FREE 3 HOURS test drive program with the Renault CAPTUR.

In partnership with GoCar, this amazing program allows you to really experience a Captur at your own pace, without even having to visit a showroom or fill up any paperwork or having the salesperson beside you.

With just your smartphone and the GoCar app, you can get yourself behind the wheel of Europe’s best selling crossover, take your time to TRY the Captur and make a no-pressure decision.

Here’s how easy it is:

  1. Fill up this simple form at Renault Malaysia website requesting the promo code.
  2. Receive the GoCar promo code within 1 working day
  3. Open the GoCar app, select Renault CAPTUR and book for 3-hours by choosing your preferred date and time, location and enter the promo code when you are in the payment section.
  4. Get yourself to the pick-up location, unlock and start the car with the GoCar app then enjoy your stress-free 3-hours drive

If you do not have the GoCar app, you can download it from (Google Play – Android users) or (App Store – iPhone users) and register yourself as a member of GoCar.

Not familiar with the GoCar app? Not to worry.

A Renault Malaysia representative will give you a call after you receive the promo code as well as after you utilize the drive to assist further to ease your experience.

I experienced it myself last week as I had a meeting in town and really wanted to make a good impression. Needless to say, pulling up in a swanky looking French crossover did the job! While I have experienced the Captur before, taking it on the typical morning commute gave me a fresh perspective.

The things most drivers appreciate on drives like these, like the excellent fuel efficiency in traffic, comfort over our typical KL roads and great stability during the corners on a highway.

These were the Captur’s strongest points, but on my way back from the meeting I got to see the car’s other side.

Admittedly, this was the part of the test drive I was looking forward to the most. The 205Nm of torque this 1.2-litre turbocharged engine churns out is amazing for a vehicle of its class. There’s a smoothness to the power delivery and an unrelenting push forward that makes the car feel much faster than your typical little crossover. And the fact that Renault are prepared to let people get behind the wheel without an accompanying salesperson shows you just how safe they’ve m3ade the cars.

I personally found it great for my typical route as I am more of a city driver at most times. But you might want to take someone special out for a nice meal, pick someone up from the airport, or treat yourself to a weekend drive up your favourite B-road. Whatever the case, the Captur’s got the style, space, and performance for it.

So, try it out while it’s still free! Just fill-up the form, download the app and get yourself in a Captur.

If you need more information or would like to request for your 3-hour test drive code, visit today.

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