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Perodua Campaigns Against Litter Bugs with SWCorp

Perodua are working with Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Corporation (SWCorp) on a new ‘One Vehicle, Zero Litter’ Campaign. The campaign is aimed at discouraging motorists from discarding garbage from their vehicles, a habit some Malaysians still seem to have even in the midst of a plastic crisis.

The two companies gave away 500 mini-bins to motorists at a petrol station along Jalan Duta. These might encourage Malaysians to take their rubbish with them to a proper disposal location instead of littering.

“Perodua shares the government’s vision for a cleaner and greener Malaysia. We believe a combination of education and enforcement will have a lasting impact on our society,” said Perodua President and Chief Executive Officer Dato’ Zainal Abidin Ahmad.

“It is Perodua’s hope that as Malaysia enters her 62nd year of independence, we can all play our part in showing the maturity of our mindsets and allowing cleanliness to be part of our lives.

“We hope Malaysians can reduce, reuse and recycle their waste as far as possible. We all have to start somewhere. After our own homes, the car is the next place we spend the most time in, and if we can keep our cars clean, the rest of our lives will follow,” he added.

Perodua has been on a string of green initiatives as of late. Their history of green initiatives goes back a decade or more, but since last year, the company has been more relentless in this pursuit. They opened not one but two ‘green lungs’ on their Sungai Choh Campus.


Perodua is working together with a Malaysian government agency to educate the public on maintaining a cleaner environment, starting with the nation’s roads. Earlier today, the carmaker collaborated with the Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Corporation (SWCorp) – an agency under the purview of the Housing and Local Government Ministry – on the latter’s 1:0 ‘One Vehicle, Zero Litter’ campaign to discourage littering from vehicles.

The campaign saw volunteers from Perodua and SWCorp give away 500 in-vehicle mini-bins to motorists at a petrol station next to the Jalan Duta toll plaza on the PLUS Highway KL-bound, reminding them to bring their litter home instead of throwing it out of their vehicles.

The volunteers also held up colourful placards displaying anti-littering messages, while prominently-placed banners and buntings duly caught the attentions of motorists exiting the toll plaza.

Within Perodua’s headquarters and manufacturing campus in Sungai Choh are its Laman Hijau recreational common and its 1,500-square metre ECO Garden, both of which incorporate many sustainable elements. Solar panels and rainwater-harvesting systems also feature on many of its campus buildings.

Perodua is Malaysia’s No 1 Energy-Efficient Vehicle (EEV) manufacturer. It has produced and sold over 680,000 EEVs to date, including the Axia, Bezza, third-generation Myvi and Aruz seven-seater SUV.

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