Published on September 8th, 2019 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Not all Malaysian drivers are road bullies?

All the different ages and races worked to get traffic back underway on the road without any violence or slurs!

Lately we have seen many short videos on social media showing road bullies of all kinds in Malaysia and this has reflected badly with us at home and also viewers from other countries.

On the recent Merdeka long weekend, we were driving along the Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong heading to Sunway from Kelana Jaya and as we were heading up the highway ramp on the left lane next to Western Digital we spotted with our right eye on our side view mirror a kapchai rushing and weaving between the cars on the left and right (a common sight on Malaysian roads daily).

One quick thought went through our mind ‘this guy is going to crash one day and he will damage someone’s side view mirror and even worse, he will get really hurt riding a kap chai like this instead of being on the left lane like us and riding with the flow of the traffic moving steadily at 50-70km/h’.

Just as we finished our sentence in our head the kapchai hit the side view mirror of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class which was moving along the right hand side of the road and then wobbled side to side hitting a yellow Perodua Myvi and bounced back on the Mercedes front fender and skidded and fell on the road with his female pillion rider falling on the front bonnet of the yellow Myvi.

Because of the brake screeching sounds from the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the yellow Perodua the BMW E36 driver in front of the pickup truck in front of the Mercedes-Benz hit the silver Perodua in front of him and this was an avoidable situation, as it was just a panic reaction.

Now, from the pictures you can clearly see that the Perodua Myvi driver and his passenger got out and helped the kapchai rider and his pillion instead of losing their tempers.

The Mercedes S-Class was being driven by young workshop technicians (as we noticed from their work clothes with their workshop logo) and they will probably have to pay for the damaged side view mirror (costing around RM1,600) from their own pockets.

The yellow Myvi fender might have a nick or two and yet the driver was cool and just let it slide as we are all quite aware that most kapchai riders have no license, no insurance and no money and so making a police report is just a waste of time for car owners. This is an on going fact for years in Malaysia and we hope one day soon the Transport Ministry and the Police Department will find a way to get rid of these illegal riders. 

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