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Stop Poking Fun At this Incident, It’s Not the Owner’s Fault

Last week, news about this Mazda CX-5 turning turtle spread like wildfire across social media. Misreporting and general internet toxicity led to a lot of mean things being said about the car’s owner.

The owner of the vehicle says that he’s been keeping track of what people have said about the incident and was rightfully disappointed. Comments playing on racial stereotypes, joking about suicide attempts, and much worse surfaced.

In fact, what really happened was pretty straight forward and not the fault of the owner, so please be civil and stop making fun of his situation.

He had sent his car to the car wash and handed the keys over to a Bangladeshi worker while he waited at a nearby restaurant. Here’s a statement he issued [edited for clarity], as well as his police report.

BHPetrol RON95 Euro 4M

This is regarding my MAZDA CAR Accident in Bandar Mahkota Cheras on 17/02/2020 and time 8.10am. I’m Gopinathan, owner of Mazda CX-5 Registration Plat no.VCG 3000. I hope you all have seen on current viral videos, posts and pictures which has been spreading in Social Media since 17th February 2020 pertaining to my car accident which occurred at a car wash in Bandar Mahkota Cheras. I saw on social media, Facebook, Facebook Groups, Twitter and many people shared pictures of my car accident and wrote comments that car owner was drunk… india mabuk sampai accident… Car owner tengok ah moi… car owner came from clubbing and hit car wash… car owner lesen terbang… car owner terbang dari tingkat 3 dengan Mazda car Dan Cuba bunuh diri… And many gave unwanted comments and also funny comments. Not just on social media… on the THR Raaga radio station and in the newspaper also. I’m posting this article to actually explained and informed real Story behind of this incident.Kindly be informed that on 17th Feb 2020 at 8am, I Parked my car for car wash service in One Snow Car Wash At Bandar Mahkota Cheras and are while I was having breakfast with my wife at near by restaurant. All of sudden heard one big impact noise from the Car Wash Center. When i rushed out from Restaurant, I Shocked to see my car Situation where by it was Upside Down. My Car was Driven by Bangladeshi Worker at the Car Wash and he has a car license and Permanent Resident (PR). Attached Copy of the Police Report Which was lodged by the said worker. Please read this Police report..i shared the CCTV footage the video can see cleary that i came over to my car after the insident..Hope all clarify on my  statement pertaining to this incident..So please stop Spreading Fake News and comments! Between this..Thank You all..Good Day

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