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New Nissan Z Car Prototype Coming in 2 Weeks, Rear Teased

Ever since Carlos Ghosn was forcefully ejected from his position at the helm of Nissan, the company has been moving quickly to make a comeback. Well, truth be told, they’re absolutely in need of a comeback. One part of their strategy has been to renew their aging Z car, as the current 370Z has been on sale for over 12 years. The first hint of a new Z car came well over a year after Ghosn’s arrest, and it came in the form of a video celebrating 50 years of the Z.

Though Nissan did not explicitly say that a new car was being developed at the time, but the video got a few people excited at the prospect.

They first officially teased the Z car at the end of May with this “A-Z” video on youtube.

And just this week, it seems Nissan have been trying to ramp up the excitement around the new Z car’s imminent launch with another Z-themed video. This time confirming that the prototype for the next Z car was just around the corner:

Following the video’s launch, it was speculated that the new “Z Proto” would be revealed sometime in mid-September 2020. That’s right, in just 2 weeks we ought to have an idea of what the next generation Z car is going to look and feel like.

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More recently, the Senior Vice President of Global Design for Nissan posted this minimalist sketch that COULD be the rear end of the next Z car. The accompanying text doesn’t indicate that it is a teaser for the next Z, but there are some clues we can pick up on, such as the roofline that matches what was earlier shown as well as the retro-styled ‘Z’ logo on the rear pillar that will likely be featured on the new Z.

The rear taillights shown here are oddly reminiscent of the 300ZX generation Z car.

We really like this combination of the early generation Z car’s roofline and headlight cluster design with the rear end of the 300ZX. Retro-inspired designs can be quite interesting when done right, as cars like the Ford Bronco have proved.

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