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Subaru Impreza Burns to a Crisp Near Taipan

The Subaru Impreza is perhaps one of the most iconic 4-door Japanese sedans. Seeing one completely burn down to as husk so close to home is extremely shocking, but that’s what SJEcho managed to capture yesterday.

It looks as if the incident took place near the Taipan Business District in USJ. The blue Imprezza had a fire develop in the engine bay. It seems the police were able to get the traffic situation under control relatively quickly (there’s a police station a short way down the road). However, the firemen were unable to get to the car on time and as a result, nothing but a smoldering shell of the car and its rims were left.

We’re not exactly sure whether this is an Impreza WRX or just the standard Impreza sedan that has been modified. The rims and exhaust pipe at least don’t come stock on the Impreza sedan. We wonder what exactly was the source of the fire.

If you have any additional information relating to this incident or the model involved, please drop us a comment below.

Also, it’s always good practice to have a little fire extinguisher in your car, especially if it’s a little older or modified.

About the Subaru Impreza

This generation Subaru Impreza debuted in the year 2000, building on a modified version of the preceding platform. Extensive design changes were made in this generation. The sedan was larger than before by 45mm (length), 40mm (width) and 25mm (height). The initial cars sported the ‘bug-eye’ look which was both controversial and instantly recognisable. Subaru later redesigned the car in its first facelift to have a slightly more rectangular headlight shape.

The car we see pictured above is the second facelift, which was penned by Greek designer Andreas Zapatinas in 2005. This ‘Hawk-Eye’ look became Subaru’s corporate grille for many other models from the mid-2000s and the company has somewhat stuck to this look with minor design tweaks coming from year to year. That being said, the current Subaru fascia looks a little more angular than this.

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