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Harley-Davidson Updates Touring Models With New Chassis And Paint Options

The trio of hot rod baggers continues to command the roads with brand new hardware

Aside from introducing the new Street Bob 114, Harley-Davidson has also updated its Touring range for the 2021 model year. It starts with a new Touring chassis designed for long-distance riding for the trio of hot rod baggers, namely the Road King Special, Road Glide Special and Street Glide Special. Combined with a lowered rear suspension and a low-profile engine guard, these Special models exude an aura of aggressiveness with a slammed stance.

On top of that, Street Glide Special and Road Glide Special buyers can now opt for new two-tone paint options to match with a choice of a blacked-out or bright chrome styling treatment. There is also a new Daymaker LED headlamps for the Road King Special and Street Glide Special.

Road Glide Special

As for safety, H-D is also offering RDRS Safety Enhancements (formerly known as RDRS) that includes linked braking, ABS, traction control, drag-torque slip control, tyre pressure monitoring system and vehicle hold system.

BHP diesel


A trio of hot rod baggers with fresh swagger and new features is part of the collection of special Harley-Davidson® motorcycles for 2021. With a slammed stance and muscular Milwaukee-Eight® 114 power, the Road King® Special, Road Glide® Special and Street Glide® Special models combine commanding street presence with the long-haul capabilities of the Harley-Davidson® Touring chassis. These bikes are designed to rule the boulevard on Friday night and run for the border at daybreak.

Street Glide Special

For 2021, the Street Glide Special and Road Glide Special models are offered with new two-tone paint options, and with a choice of a blacked-out or bright chrome styling treatments, giving the customer a choice of a look that’s dark and sinister, or brilliant and more traditional. All Special models are now equipped with the high-performance Ventilator air cleaner with a washable filter element, and a new low-profile engine guard.

Milwaukee-Eight® 114 Power
Each Special model is powered by the Milwaukee-Eight® 114 V-Twin engine, the most displacement and power offered from the factory for Harley-Davidson Touring model motorcycles. In the Touring chassis, the rubber-mounted and counter-balanced Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine delivers inspiring performance and classic Harley-Davidson look-sound feel.

  • Displacement: 114 cu in (1,868 cc)
  • Compression Ratio: 10.5:1
  • Torque: 118 ft. lb. @ 3250 RPM
  • Four valve cylinder heads (two exhaust and two intake valves per head, eight total); improved airflow through the engine contributes to power output.
  • Dual spark plugs for more complete combustion of the air/fuel charge and maximized power and efficiency.
  • Single camshaft reduces mechanical noise so a richer exhaust tone can predominate.
  • Advanced cylinder head design, dual knock sensors, and precision cooling allow a higher compression ratio for increased torque output and strong acceleration.
  • V-Twin design with 45-degree cylinder angle maintains classic Harley Davidson look-sound-feel.
  • 6-Speed Cruise Drive® transmission reduces engine RPM at highway speeds to enhance fuel economy and rider comfort.
  • New Ventilator high-performance air cleaner with a washable filter element improves air flow to the engine and adds performance styling.

Harley-Davidson® Touring Chassis
The Harley-Davidson® Touring frame is designed for the long haul, with a rigid backbone design to sustain the weight of passengers and luggage and to support current engine power.

  • Front suspension with dual bending valve internal technology for linear damping performance and a smooth ride.
  • Emulsion technology rear shocks are calibrated for touring and feature a single-knob pre-load adjustment that does not require tools or maintenance.
  • Lowered rear suspension gives Special models a slammed stance.
  • Prodigy cast-aluminum wheels (19-inch front, 18-inch rear) are exclusive to Special models.
  • Standard ReflexTM Linked Brembo® Brakes with ABS (Antilock Braking System) is designed to help prevent the wheels from locking under braking to assist the rider in maintaining control when braking in a straight-line. ABS operates independently on front and rear brakes to help prevent uncontrolled wheel lock in urgent situations.
  • Optional RDRS Safety Enhancements (formerly known as RDRS) – A collection of technologies designed to match motorcycle performance to available traction during acceleration, deceleration and braking. Includes linked braking, ABS, traction control, drag-torque slip control, tire pressure monitoring system, and vehicle hold control.

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