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Published on January 28th, 2021 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Mercedes-Benz S350L W221 Model Used Buy Guide

This Luxury S350L Benz Is Your Ticket To Added Respect.

Here are four main reasons for buying a brand NEW Mercedes-Benz S-Class instead of an E-Class. 

  1. You are a successful businessman that needs to be pampered when you move from location to location. 
  2. You are a politician that is happy to use the tax-payer’s money to enjoy your commute everyday. 
  3. You are an attention-seeking person who needs a vehicle of prestige. 
  4. You are from the royal house and this luxury vehicle fits your status.
BHP diesel

Now, there are also four reasons for buying a USED Mercedes-Benz S-Class instead of a used E-Class

  1. You are an upcoming businessman that needs to show clients that you are successful and can be trusted. 
  2. You are a middle-class wage earner who has loved looking at the S-Class for years and now with its high depreciated value, can finally afford to have one in your terrace house garage.
  3. You are running a multi-level marketing business and want to show your new down-liners they can also be as successful as you.
  4. You just collected your KWSP savings and want to own the car of your dreams.
Mercedes-Benz S350L W221_front
Mercedes-Benz S350L W221_dashboard
Mercedes-Benz S350L W221_front seats
Mercedes-Benz S350L W221_rear seat
Mercedes-Benz S350L W221_meter cluster
Mercedes-Benz S350L W221_V6 engine

W221 History

This Mercedes-Benz S-Class first arrived in early 2006 and it was an immediate sales hit in Malaysia with tycoons, royals and also senior politicians. It was the sedan to be seen in.

On the road, this S-Class impresses with its cabin comfort for the passengers and also the driver and silence. The ‘airmatic’ suspension takes away all the Malaysian road imperfections (when working well) and the V6 engine is a smooth operator.

This S-Class will waft along with ease at legal speeds and above, protecting those inside from noise and temperature extremes. You can hear the power-plant growling in a murmur when the accelerator pedal is used with aggression. 

There’s no denying that the Mercedes-Benz S-Class line has unique appeal.  Some of that appeal has to do with tradition, some has to do with substance and the rest if just curbside attention no matter the age of grand looking three pointed star. 

W221 New Selling Price

Almost all first owners who paid RM630,000 or so when new were very rich individuals who took good care of their maintenance and never looked back at the yearly bills. This is why you must find a car with one owner (company maintenance even better) like this unit.  

Mercedes-Benz S350L W221_for sale
Mercedes-Benz S350L W221_black
Mercedes-Benz S350L W221_rear view
Mercedes-Benz S350L W221_side view

Some Personal Information 

This fully imported Mercedes-Benz W221 S350L was registered in 2007 and it comes with a naturally-aspirated V6-cylinder petrol engine that produces a maximum power of 268 bhp at 6000 rpm and a maximum torque of 350 Nm. 

The power is transmitted to the road by rear wheel drive (RWD) working with a 7-speed automatic gearbox.

The interior has been well looked after as this has been a chauffeured driven car during its lifetime. The cabin comes equipped with the dash-mounted SPLITVIEW LCD screen, which simultaneously presents different displays to the driver and passenger.

Back seat passengers get pampered with plenty of leg and shoulder room and there is the ‘Rear Seat Entertainment’ package that features two 8″ LCD displays mounted at the back of each front seat.

The S350L has covered a mileage of 259,000km and recently the owner spent RM17,000 on wear and tear parts (all bills are available for viewing) before letting it go for a new luxury ride. In case you are wondering. Asking price is RM38,000.

The yearly road tax value for this S350L V6 Benz is RM4,380. and insurance will be based on its value, which should be less than RM2,000. So, if can manage a yearly payment of RM6,380 or so and an average preventive maintenance cost of about another RM6,000 plus a year (which is an average of RM1,000 plus a month) you can be a proud owner of this luxury car.  

For more information, please contact Skantha at 012-3796671.

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