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New Honda HR-V (Vezel) Appears In Black At A Japanese Mall

Twitter user @aoi_tanuki970 shares photos of a black Honda HR-V (known as the Vezel) in Japan.

Honda’s all-new HR-V was shown in the middle of last month. The HR-V, or Vezel, as it is known in certain markets sports an all-new design. There are a few styling packages for the Japanese market. These dramatically change the way the HR-V looks by swapping out major elements like the grille, light clusters and trim elements. When first shown, we only got to see the new HR-V in white and in red. Now we’re seeing the first images of the all-new Honda HR-V / Honda Vezel in black.

Over the weekend, a Japanese Twitter user that goes by the handle @aoi_tanuki970 shared photos of a black Honda Vezel pull into a Japanese mall to be displayed to customers.

The HR-V looks a little less interesting in black than it does in white, at least just in these few photos. I think it’s also down to how the grille blends into the bodywork. This particular grille matches the body colour and in black that doesn’t quite show.

Still, it’s nice to see the vehicle in the ‘metal’. We also got to see another shot of the car from a third quarter rear view. From this angle, the rims look a little small. Again, this could be down to the way the car was photographed. This is more of a candid shot by a passerby than a professional picture.

The taillights of this particular unit seem to be clear. The more angular aesthetic of this new HR-V is definitely coming through from this angle. The car looks a lot more mature and premium than the current model. Almost like a blend of the CX-30, Harrier and RAV4 more than an evolution of the current HR-V.

This new LED taillight signature is new for Honda. We’re not sure how it will age, but for now it looks pretty fashionable and in stride with modern design trends being set in the premium segment.

The same Twitter user also shared photos of the car’s interior.

In Japan, fabric seats are a lot more common than leather seats and it seems like that’s how this particular Vezel was equipped. There’s still leather upholstery on the centre armrest, around the centre tunnel, on the dashboard and on the the steering wheel and gear selector. A free-standing screen sits high on the dashboard, but it doesn’t protrude too much. The interior is definitely looking a lot more upmarket than most Honda owners are used to. It will surely convince quite a few existing HR-V owners to make the upgrade.

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