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Published on March 19th, 2021 | by Subhash Nair


Toyota Aygo X Prologue Concept Shown – SUV Style For Cheap

Toyota gives the Aygo SUV styling cues with this concept called the Aygo X prologue.

Just 10 days ago, it was reported that Toyota would be building their next A-segment hatchback for Europe on the TNGA chassis. Now we’re getting the first look at where their design direction and product concept ideas are going.

Toyota Aygo X Concept Side Profile

Toyota’s European Design Development (ED2) Studio released some renders that foreshadow the first-ever Aygo Cross with the Aygo X prologue concept. This concept car puts style first, with a two-tone colour scheme and bold design choices.

Making the next generation Aygo exclusively available as a compact crossover makes sense. This is a trend that seems to have transcended every strata of the car buying market.

BHP_Euro5 Diesel_2021

Rather than splitting production up between traditional hatchback buyers and new crossover buyers, Toyota should just make the Aygo X the only Aygo available, since the nameplate is a European exclusive.

Toyota Aygo X Concept Exterior Rear

The Toyota European Design Studio also issued a press release about their take on this concept. Read about it below.


Since its launch in 2005, Aygo, Toyota’s most accessible car, has charmed youthful, progressive customers with its sense of playfulness and fun.

Appealing to a style-conscious audience, Aygo’s lively character and engaging driving dynamics have attracted many new European buyers to Toyota. But, the unique DNA and stand-out positioning of Aygo depend upon always staying ahead of the competition. More than ever, new Toyota customers are demanding flair, distinctiveness, and the chance to make a personal statement. Building on the A-segment’s leading style icon position, ED² set out to design a car specifically for them.

A dedicated team with a clear mission

ED² assigned a dedicated team to focus on a unified message from start to finish and they became quickly convinced that there was an opportunity to bring a bolder and stronger design. From this conviction, Aygo X prologue was born.

Bringing increased spice to the segment

The Aygo name has always symbolised personal freedom and mobility. With the Toyota Aygo X prologue, an additional cheeky mischievousness is added to the mix. It’s just as fun, and it’s now got an added edginess to it. From every angle, it expresses its attitude, with a strong personality and an even stronger stance. By bumping up the size of the wheels, the driver enjoys a higher eye point for greater visibility, as well as improved clearance for whatever the road may bring.

Styled to stand out

Whether from front, rear or side, the mischievousness of Toyota Aygo X prologue stands out. A bold bi-tone execution creates a unique graphic profile that grabs attention in the street by emphasizing the car’s readiness to leap forward into action. A new wedged roofline also increases the dynamic feeling for a more aggressive sporty image. While at the front, high-tech lamps hug the upper hood to form a wing-like shape. Lower to the ground, the large grille, fog lamps and skid-plate, all building on the hexagon theme, show that this is a car ready to go. Anywhere.

Practical and ready for tomorrow’s free spirits, Toyota Aygo X prologue also offers the features that will further enrich their freedom. A rear skid plate houses a bicycle-holder mount, so that escaping the everyday can always be turned into an adventure. Meanwhile, housed in the door mirror is an action-camera, perfect for capturing and sharing moments of exploration.

Finally, an integrated roof rack accentuates the vehicle’s profile, as well as creating a visual link with the hexagon tail lamps, a subtle reminder of the Aygo DNA.

The Colours of emotions

In life, colours are central to our emotions. This is also true for Toyota Aygo X prologue. To bring the “spicy” concept to life, certain ingredients naturally presented themselves. The top four were chilli, ginger, wasabi and black pepper. Spiciest of all is “chilli”. Moreover, use of bi-tone was an additional invitation to take colour balances to another level. In Aygo X prologue, colour is taken up yet another notch by the inclusion a fine sprinkling of blue metallic flake into the paint mix. The resulting dazzling effect makes the colour fully deserving of its name of “Sparkling Chilli Red.”

Working together differently, and better

The challenging project of creating the Toyota Aygo X prologue under present conditions has been a great test of ED²’s agile process of fast and fluid design development. Whether together or remotely, ED² design team worked seamlessly from hand-sketching to digital sketch-modelling, to virtual reality simulations, to 3D “speedshapes”, right to the final car itself.

Designed in Europe, designed for Europeans

Toyota Aygo X prologue is a bold illustration of just how much attitude a small car can have. With this prologue, Toyota reimagines how the A-segment could be spiced up.

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