Automotive Audi R8 Catches Fire On Penchala Highway

Published on April 3rd, 2021 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Audi R8 On Trade Plates Catches Fire On The Penchala Highway

This used Audi R8 is a total write-off. 

This is a used Audi R8 supercar which was registered but probably not having valid road tax and being moved or on a test drive when this mishap occurred. Car fires are not common, but in recent months we have seen on social media a number of luxury sports car on fire and also in heavy damaged accidents like the recent R8 accident on February 15th. Luckily lives are not lost and there seems to be no other vehicle involved in these accidents or mishaps. 

Audi R8 Catches Fire On Penchala Highway_2021

This exotic German supercar had recently burnt to the ground by the roadside of the exit of the Penchala Link during what will be its final test drive. 

BHP_Euro5 Diesel_2021

Though identifiable as a V8 model from its quad round tailpipes, it is not entirely confirmed however whether or not this particular Audi supercar was a coupe or a convertible variant. That is because the aftermath of the blaze that occurred on the 2nd of April has destroyed a significant portion of the Audi R8, most notably of which is the roof that has more likely than not since been chopped off by firefighters who were tending to the fire. 

Audi R8 Catches Fire On Penchala Highway_top cut away

Working our way down from the roof, there also looks to be nothing left of what used to be a luxury cabin. The smouldering remains of the interior however is nothing compared to burnt out husk of the engine bay, which upon closer inspection incidentally reveals the 8 pots of the aluminium V8 engine block. 

In fact, the blaze was so intense that it even managed to melt the rubber on the tyres, in addition to spreading past the front windscreen and burnt down a not insignificant chunk of the front end of this Audi. Leaving only the trade plates hanging on its extremities perhaps the only salvageable parts from this ‘well done’ R8. 

Audi R8 Catches Fire On Penchala Highway_convertible

Speaking of the trade plates, this burnt out Audi may most likely be covered by fleet insurance. Moreover, as this was a faulty test drive car, the insurance company will also probably be compensating for any injuries sustained by the occupants during the R8 fire. 

Having said that, the dealer most likely won’t recover 100 percent of the value for this Audi during the insurance pay-out. So far from making a profit on the sale of this German mid-engined supercar, the unfortunate dealer may be staring straight down a (burnt-out) barrel of a loss instead. 

Audi R8 Catches Fire On Penchala Highway_used

There is also the question if this car was a victim of arson for the insurance claim as selling an exotic used car in this economic climate might not be as easy for some. This is where the insurance investigator together with the Jabatan Bomba will have to do a complete check to confirm the reason for the fire. 

Research and Text by Joshua Chin

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